Wednesday, July 17, 2013

And Now, a Little Perspective

As feared, JFF has turned out to be a immature, arrogant, bone-headed d.b. (and I don't mean defensive back).  Since the end of bowl season, Aggies everywhere (meaning me) have been praying to Whomever to please oh please oh please just let JFF not eff up before (or during) next season.  Is that too much to ask?  After that, who cares?  (and so, the ugly truth:  I just want the Aggies to succeed and I really don't care if they are led by this dope.  It is all about the football).  Needless to say, JFF's antics the last few weeks have caused heartburn for us all (meaning me) and fueled renewed bargaining with the Almighty Whomever.

But wait.  In this article by Tim Colishaw, which appeared in today's Dallas Morning News, we are reminded that JFF's foibles are more of the minor "20 year old drunk college boy" variety than the "this is a really bad dude" variety.  Perspective:  it's a good thing.

At 20, I did my share of idiotic, immature, bone-headed things and I turned out ok (mostly).  Of course, I didn't have the laser beam of the national media focused on me at every moment but what if I had?  Yes, JFF is in the spotlight because he chose to play football, and then he played it damn well, but shouldn't he be cut the same slack we would cut any other 20 year-old bone-headed college boy?  He hasn't robbed, abused, killed----he's gotten drunk, missed work, mouthed-off, showed-off and generally behaved badly.  Do I wish he hadn't? Yes.  Does he deserve condemnation? No. 

That said, I do wish Sumlin or sum-one would snatch JFF baldheaded and take away his bucket of dumbshit ice cream.  Gig em.

Friday, July 12, 2013


JFF on the cover of Texas Football Magazine:

Haven't read the analysis of A&M, but according to SBaskind, it is very interesting.