Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i am waiting for Kabul to freeze over

Was it my imagination or did the Aggies and the Cowboys win on the same weekend?

Monday, November 1, 2010

They Did What They Duz

Saturday night, I attended the Texas Rangers first ever World Series appearance at their home field.  Often, events that you greatly anticipate don't live up to your hopes and expectations so you end up being a bit disappointed at the end of the day.  So, was this what I hoped it would be?  ABSOLUTELY.  It was a gorgeous day, the fans were SO excited, the stadium was in great shape (and I just like this ballpark anyway) and I was with my aunt and uncle, 2 of the most ardent Ranger fans that I know.  The game was the best one so far, not only because we won (thank goodness) but because it was close, exciting and completely nerve-wracking.  (I prefer my teams to score early and often, to get a large lead as quickly as possible, and put it away).  I can't believe that I now have seen my team in a World Series game.  Just never thought that would happen.  Now, if I could see the Aggies play for the national championship..........

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jerry Jones is Gnashing His Teeth About Now

Who'd a thunk that in the year that Arlington hosts the Super Bowl, it would also be hosting the World Series?  And that it would be the Rangers and not the Cowboys who are the talk of the town? 

I have to admit that I was a lapsed Rangers fan until .... NOW!   Forget the years of ineptitude in playing, pitching, coaching, and ownership.  These Rangers are GOOD and so fun to watch.  And don't they seem to be having a great time?  I just love Elvis, Ian, Michael, Nelson, Vlad, Josh, Benjie...and Cliff and Colby and....Ron and J.D. and Nolan and...just WOW! 

Since I know almost nothing about the Giants and the Phillies, I have no thoughts on who I would prefer us to play in the WORLD SERIES (Let me just say that again:  the WORLD SERIES).  Thoughts?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finally some good news

The Rangers have won a playoff series for the first time ever. Ever. They were the only franchise to have never won a series. Cliff Lee won 2 games in the 5 game series. He struck out 23 batters, walked none( that is none) and allowed 1 run in each game.
Now the stinking Yankees.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wade should have b***h slapped that right corner on tv in front of God and everybody

I watched a good bit of the game when I wasn't so mad I turned it off and went to  read economics papers because it was more fun. That jenkins or jennings or jinx  kid is dead as a d-back from now on. Every ref in the league now knows he grabs on to everyone he gets near. I feel sorry for his girlfriend. They need to tape his hands together like a flipper. I haven't seen anyone beaten like that since Walter Mondale. I hope this kid disappears from the scene as fast. Jeez. i always rather liked wade Phillips but he is gone. Cowgirl fans better start a letter campaign to Cowher. He would get them back in jockstraps instead of petticoats. They would all be afraid he might bite them. Kudos to Romo though.  The guy is fun to watch.

Sports Flopalalooza

Well, so much for the greatest sports weekend ever.  Aggies lost, Rangers lost (twice), Cowboys lost.  The only good news is that Bama lost, though I wish it could have been to someone other than Coach Jackass Spurrier.  SC looked good, though.  I have seen them play a few times but until yesterday, I wasn't that impressed.  But could they please get a new mascot?

Speaking of mascots, the other day Oxey and I were talking about best and worst mascots.  We decided that a good mascot has to have some connection to the school, or city/state in which the school is located, but not be ridiculous (Horned Frogs, anyone?).  Some good mascots:  Texas Longhorns,  Oklahoma Sooners, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Purdue Boilermakers,  Florida Gators.  The mascot shouldn't be a generic animal:  no bears, lions, panthers, wildcats.  And sorry, but beavers, ducks, trojans, gamecocks, terps are just silly.  And some just make no sense:  Green Wave, Crimson Tide, Cardinal, Blue Devils...what up? 

And finally, I think I am going to watch all LSU games from now on. Or maybe I will just watch the last 2 minutes.  Les Miles has to be the luckiest coach in the universe.  If you didn't see the end of the game against Florida, look it up on the internet.  And if you didn't see the end the game against Tennessee the week before, find that one as well.  Just unbelievable.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

White Hat, Black Hat

The sports wonks in Dallas have been talking and writing about the Titans' defense this week.  The feeling seems to be that this defense is, at best, very physical, at worst a bunch of cheaters.  These guys lead the league in roughing-the-passer penalties and are tied for the most defensive penalties.  Of course, they also lead the league in sacks.  No surprise, I suppose, since Jeff Fisher is a Buddy Ryan protege.  In a column in today's Dallas Morning News,  Gerry Fraley urges the Cowboys to turn the other cheek, noting that in the Titans' 2 losses, their opponents did not retaliate.  On the other hand, in Titan wins, the opponents lost their
respective cools and had double-digit penalties by game's end.  According the Fraley, this is exactly what the Titans want.

I heard the great Drew Pearson interviewed on this topic by Randy Galloway on Friday and found his comments really fascinating.  Pearson said that if someone gave him a cheap shot, he made a point of getting the guy back at some point in the game.  When asked how he did it, Pearson said that he would wait for an opportunity to (legally, he said) clock the guy under the chin or upside of the head with an elbow or forearm.  Usually, he said, this would be on a running play, or sometimes in a pile.  He then said he thought it would be useful for the young receivers to talk to the veterans, like Pearson, to learn how to do this because the receivers coach, having never played, wouldn't know.

While I completely understand Pearson's point of view, I think that in the end, you have to behave as though nothing the other guy does bothers you.  Take a hit?  Just get up and trot back to the huddle.  Keep playing...DO NOT BACK OFF.  The absolute worst thing you can do is let the other guy know he is getting to you and if you retaliate, he knows.  If you change your game, he knows.  If you short-arm the ball, whine to the ref, change your route, run out of bounds to avoid a hit...he knows.  Don't be  p*****s.  Execute.  Win.  Winning is the best revenge.

Sports Extravapalooza

Round here, people are saying that this is the greatest sports weekend in Dallas-Fort Worth history.  Last night, we had high school football, as usual, but we also had the Stars season opener, which they won.  Today, we have no less than 3 college football games:  Baylor plays Tx Tech at the Cotton Bowl, during the State Fair;  A&M takes on Arkansas at the Death Star; and TCU plays Wyoming in Ft. Worth.  This afternoon, the Rangers go for the sweep in game 3 in their playoff series with Tampa Bay.   For soccer fans, FC Dallas starts its playoff series with Colorado tonight in Frisco and tomorrow the Cowboys wrap-up the weekend with a game here against the Titans.  Wow, sports overload.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

nice halftime adjustments

didn,t see any of and I am not consoled by if it was exciting

Texas A&M Aggies 35 - Oklahoma State Cowboys 38

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Sep 301234T
Texas A&M14701435

Oklahoma State07211038

But at least we must have looked better than the hairdressing team that suited up for UT last week.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A&M wary of TV games

Of our televised games we've lost 10 of the most recent 11. Thursday night games carried nationally have been especially adverse. If before mid -season, they've been uniformly humiliating. Recall U.of Miami, Virginia Tech, Utah. Games where Laird just taps out, "Beer me" and hits the send button - somewhere early in the third quarter after early but ample evidence that things are going to deteriorate rather than improve from the awful trend of the opening half. Some would be cautious so as not to be again disappointed. Nope. We are going to get this must win by outscoring these guys even though Jerrod will be running for his life much of the night. For once , the opponents will have a couple of critical fumbles - and Von Miller plays great every time we look as if we're going to give in. 34-31. dwc

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cowgirls Win!

What in the wide world of sports got into Roy Williams today?  I am not sure that I ever seen him play so well.  And who else caught a pass today?  Austen, Witten, Hurd, Bryant, Bennett...anyone else?  Aside from Keith Brooking, who may have redeemed himself with that 3rd down sack, the Cowboys played really well in all 3 areas of the game.  Wow.  Nice.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

You Say: STINKO I Say: MALO!!!

Could the Horns have played any worse?  That was painful to watch.  UCLA had 267 yards rushing, 27 passing.  Oh...my...goodness.   After last week against the Red Radars, I thought the Horns' defense was impenetrable.  Boy was I ever wrong...couldn't have been wronger.   And speaking of the Horns, Oxey and I were talking about their offense (this was early in the game before it got REALLY bad) and he commented that UT doesn't really have an offensive scheme...and hasn't had one for years.  Then, one of the commentators for the Hog-Bama game (more on that later) remarked that in a conversation with Nick Sabin, Sabin remarked that on offense, you just have to let the players do what they do well...you really don't scheme it...but on defense, you MUST have a scheme.  Interesting.

Anyhoo, I was excited about how the Hogs started the game but Mallett CHOKED but good.  One interception in the endzone, one terribly thrown ball that resulted in points for Bama and a final, pitiful, drive-ending ball that he appeared to TRY to throw out of bounds.  After watching the Hogs in two games, I am not that high on Mallett.  No doubt he has talent but, I don't know, he just doesn't seem that great to me.

As I write this, OU and Cincinnati are in the fourth quarter of their game, OU up by 2 points.  Landry Jones looks pretty good but the Bearcats are hanging in.  GO BEARCATS!

Boise State and Oregon State have just started and I think it is 10-7, BS.  The one thing to keep in mind about this game:  the blue field is VOMITORIOUS.  Actually, in everything but points, BS is killin.

Apropos of nothing, I love Verne Lundquist.

Week Four

Just how much do I hate UCLA?  Well, perhaps not as much as I hate USC since my man, Troy Aikman, went to UCLA back in the day, but still they are just another bunch of California pretty boys coached by one of the cheatingest coaches ever, the detestable Rick Neuheisel.  Yuck, yuck, yuck (not to be confused with Curly Stooge's "nyuck nyuck nyuck".)   Hope the HORNS moidelize them.

Hogs v. Tide:  this is hard.  I think Bama will win, so that is not the problem for me.  My Hog hatred goes way back to the old Southwest Conference days but my Bama hatred is greater...Bear Bryant...do NOT get me started.  Also, the Aggies play the Hogs next week so if they could beat Bama they might not get up for the Ags.  On the other hand, they might feel unbeatable.  If they lose to Bama, they will be MAD and anxious to cremate the Aggies like they did last year.  On the other hand, if they lose to Bama, they might just be demoralized enough to not show up for the Ags.  I just don't know.  I guess I hope the Hogs win but I don't expect them to.  And as Oxey reminded me, the Hog coach is a nominee for the lifetime Corso Wears a Merkin award for biggest  <insert crass slang word for female genitalia>  !!!!ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!!  OXEY JUST REMINDED ME THAT THE AGS DON'T PLAY THE HOGS NEXT WEEK--THEY PLAY OSU.  SO, YOU KNOW THAT STUFF I SAID ABOUT THE AGS, THE HOGS, AND BAMA? WELL, NEVERMIND.

The What Were They Thinking Award:  the parents of Jacquizz Rogers.  Oy.

Even though TCU beat SMU last night, if was far from the overpowering performance that everyone expected.  In an unexpected lucid moment, Lee Corso opined that TCU was trying too hard for style points, knowing that it has to win BIG to move up in the polls.

Does Lou Holtz have a speech impediment?

Does anyone besides me think the OU-Cincinnati game might be interesting?

I predict that Denard Robinson of Michigan will get seriously injured before the season is over.  He got dinged again this week.  Also, the Mich defense needs to learn to TACKLE.

Week Three: Better Late Than Never (I Hope)

It has taken me a full week to get over the Aggies' frightening performance against FIU.  5 turnovers.... But, they didn't quit and in the fourth quarter scored MANY points to take the lead and at the very end, managed to keep FIU out of the endzone long enough to log a win.   This week off and then...pigs, I mean, hogs.  I don't know whether to hope the hogs beat or lose to Bama this week...

Blithering Idiot Award:  Lee Corso.  Honestly, I didn't understand a word he said last week (I refuse to consider that I may be the Blithering Idiot)

TCU looked tremendous against Baylor, a team that I thought had improved.  Unimpressed with Baylor's highly touted QB  but his poor play may have been the result of TCU's defense.

Speaking of defense, the Horns looked tough.  That game was weird, though.  It started out just crazy...both teams  seemed a bit wild-eyed.  It made me anxious just watching and I didn't have a dog in the hunt.  Gilbert looks promising to me thought the offense was erratic.  They need to find a consistent back.  As for the Red Radars, not good.  Potts was just bad...maybe he hurt his hand or maybe the D gave him nowhere to go, but it was NOT pretty.  Of course, that doesn't mean that they won't hammer my poor Ags.

Really, really had hoped that Air Force would pull off the upset against OU but it just didn't quite happen.  OU only won by 3, though.  Props to the cadets.  I love a good passing game but I have to say that a well-run option game is a thing of beauty.  Poetic justice that it was run against OU.

Va Tech managed to win, but did it have to be over Ruffin McNeill's ECU?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tea Sip comes from the word "Insipid"

Dear Brothers and Sisters of College Ball ie Football,

U T stands for arrogance
A & M stands for gung ho
Texas Tech stands for "what about me?"

All of us have known since 2nd grade that Texas ruled the recruiting game in the state of the same name and that OU stole as many goodin's as they could and after that the rest lined up. Well watching UT's defence undress Tech's offensive ( they were truly offensive) it dawned on ol' Dorko here that Jim Jeffcoat's offspring, being only 19 years old and 290 lbs. strong and swift....and in only his 3rd game as true freshman starter, that maybe us others might want to form behind and to the right of those flippin' Tea Sips. It's disgustin' to think that the beat goes on, but By Gosh it does. Before the sips dismantled Tech in a sloppily played game by both teams, I thought that OU would demolish the Bevo bunch. Now I'm lookin' forward to the Big D Game as I think the Texas D. line may be the best they've brIught to a stadium in the Brown Era. OU has had a bunch of goodin's but this may be the best D line we've seen in a long while.
If any of us are gonna beat 'em this year, we better hope for injuries for those rascals as they're loaded with talent.....pure and simple. Dorko the Humbled

Monday, September 13, 2010


1st qtr:  Yikes.  2nd qtr:  What the...?  3rd qtr:  Jeez.  4th qtr:  WHAT!  sigh.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week Two Awards, Part One

The What Were They Thinking Award:  the parents of Foswhitt Whittaker

The Blind Leading the Blind Award for Radio Broadcasting:  Dave South, the worst play-by-play announcer in the history of ever

The Corso Wears A Merkin Award:  Va Tech*.  Jesus!

*Va Tech is a team that is always touted as having a tough defense, spectacular special teams, genius coach, and potential for greatness but this team just continues to disappoint.  Now, I don't really care if Va Tech wins or loses but I do keep up with them and I am glad I am not an alum.  I have spent a lifetime suffering along with the Aggies but I would rather my team be bad than disappointing.  If you try hard, work hard, play with heart and discipline and lose because you just  aren't as good, I will support you forever.  But don't underachieve...or quit...or not care.  Along these lines, someone remind me to name the winner of the Phil Fulmer Underachiever Award at the end of the season.

Friday, September 10, 2010

First Week: Awards and Random Thoughts

Awards:  I have decided to award...well...awards each week, assuming I remember to do so.  I will accept nominations, which must be received before I award the award.  Clear as mud?  Anyway, here are the Booleyean Awards for week one:

Master Non-Sequitarian:  Bob Davie

The Dan Jenkins Award for Rip-Snortin' Gut-Bustin' Side-Windiness (and that is wind as in a watch, not wind as in blowing air (( although wind as in blowing air might be more appropriate))):  Brent Musburger

Bloviating Gasbag of the Week:  Craig James (Speaking of whom, he made his inglorious return calling the Navy-Maryland game on Sunday morning.  Yikes.  How are the mighty fallen.

Corso Wears a Merkin Award: the entire LSU team 


I am officially sick of tatoos.

Whaddup with the rash of heinous uniforms?  Boise State, Va Tech, TCU?  Yikes.  Patent leather shoes, c'mon.  Texas, Alabama, Penn State...those are REAL uniforms.

Watched Auburn-Miss St last night and was impressed with Auburn's QB.  6'6", 250...he will be fun to watch this season.  Also, Auburn had a defensive end who had an AWESOME game.  Will be interesting to see if this game was an anomoly.  Miss St looked decent, too.

In checking the Aggie stats after the week, I was disappointed to NOT see Von Miller's name in the sack department.  Turns out he got hurt (ankle) and didn't play much.  Not sure he'll play this week against La Tech.  I think he wants to play but the coaches want to save him.  This shouldn't be a game where his presence is essential, so might be smart to let him rest for a week.  We shall see.

Watching West Va-Marshall right now.  Ummmm.

Looking forward to tomorrow...many fun match-ups. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Curse of the Heisman

Heisman winners, Troy Smith (2006) and Matt Leinart (whenever) both were cut by their respective NFL teams.  Leinart has been picked up (by the Texans, I believe) but no such luck for Smith yet.

It is BOOLEY Time!

I just lurve college football...and the 2010 season has begun.  Over the weekend I watched a bunch of games and saw bits and pieces of others.  Here are my impressions:

Texas v. Rice---ho hum.  I was not impressed with Texas QB, Gilbert, but I expect he will improve. 

Tx Tech v. SMU---Tech is a better team by far but once the Red Radars got ahead, they mailed it in and almost managed to lose.  Even with 4 turnovers, SMU hung in there.  Props to the Mustangs.

LSU v. NC State---I think LSU has now become the most gutless, underachieving, lame-ass team since the Kansas State teams of a few years ago.  NC State was playing without 13 players, including its entire secondary (I believe) and still almost won that game.  Les Miles needs to do something to get those idiots' attention.

Florida v. Miami of Ohio---I only saw a little but the Florida offense looked B-A-D!  The defense was another story, however.

Eastern Carolina v. Tulsa---why, you may ask, did I watch this game?  Because the new coach is Ruffin McNeill, former d-coordinator at Texas Tech.  And am I glad I watched this.  No defense whatsoever but tons of lead changes, back and forth, excitement...you name it.  Last play of the game:  with 5 seconds left at the Tulsa 30 (or so) yardline, the EC qb throws into the end-zone to a 6'8" freshman receiver who caught it amidst a crowd to win the game.  It was awesome.  YAY Ruffin!

TCU v. Oregon State---this was a little more exciting than I wanted it to be.  TCU's defense was a little porous and Dalton threw a couple of ints.  Still, a win is a win.

Didn't see Fla State but the game marked the start of the no-Bobby-Bowden era.  Exit, Bloviating Gasbag.

Also didn't see OU v. Utah State (?) but was delighted that OU had trouble.  Only thing better would have been a loss.

And, because it wasn't televised, I didn't see the Aggies play but I followed on game tracker (how cool is that, by the way?)  Johnson was 23 for 35, 2 TDs, no ints, 1 running TD.  Final score was 48-7, Aggies.  They beat a team they should have beaten but YAY anyway.  GIG EM AGGIES.


OU v. Fla St  (could they both lose, please?)
Ala v. Penn St
Ohio St v. Miami (not of Ohio)
Michigan v. Notre Dame (pretty much hate em both)

Monday, July 12, 2010

British Open Week

I am pulling for Watson or Tiger, but mostly I am pulling for wind. Actual wind since some would suggest i have more wind than I need already.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

While Watching the World Cup Finals

Seems like the Netherlands is playing much more physically today than before in the tournament.  Unfortunately, many of their "challenges" look like total cheap shots.  Can there be any excuse for that kick to the chest?  I wish, however, that the Spanish wouldn't all drop to the ground as though they've ruptured their spinal cords.  Just get up and keep playing.  "Shake if off" doesn't seem to be in the soccer vocabulary.  It does seem as though the Netherlands' strategy is throwing Spain off-stride a bit, though.  Second half ought to be fun.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This morning at work I was mostly listening to but somethimes watching the US play Algeria.  What an exciting game. (I am watching it now, at home, having DVR'd it.  Are DVRs great or what?)  Next up, Ghana.  I haven't seen Ghana play but I recorded the game with Germany, so I will watch it later.  As for the US team, I think that what they lack in skill  they make up for in effort.  They just don't stop, from I can tell.  Not the best team, though, so I am not super optimistic.  Even if they get by Ghana, it is an uphill road.

I have seen a number of other games and have really enjoyed watching the South American teams, but for the RIDICULOUS phoney-baloney injuries and dives.  I  really wish FIFA would do something about this.  Of course, it would have to start with the pros, I think, since all of these guys are professionals.  Kick a few fakers out and that would put an end to it. But taking dives and faking injury isn't anything new in soccer...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big 12 Lite

Here is the Oklahoma take on the whole Big 12-Pac 10 brouhaha.  My sources (sbaskind) tell me that Texas Tech is majorly PISSED, having wanted to (1) go to the Pac-10 and (2) shed itself of the Aggies (whom the Red Radars loathe with a purple passion).

Here and here are stories from The Dallas Morning News with another view. 

And here a few Aggies spout off.  To them I say:  GROW THE F*** UP!

Here is the truth:  IT IS ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Here is a link to an article in The Texas Lawyer regarding Mike Leach's lawsuit against Tech and others.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

World Cup Forecast

JP Morgan used modelling processes to evaluate this year's World Cup. so for those you planning to wager go here to SCRIBD to get a copy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Sic Uncle Bill On Him


Ladarius Brown of Waxahachie, Texas could play either safety or wide receiver at the next level.
His breakaway speed and soft hands netted him a 26.1 yards per catch average as a junior.
The Sooners, Aggies, Cowboys and Florida Gators all want to make him their primary deep threat. A&M and Okie State have extended offers.
Brown has visited College Station a few times, digging the resurgent vibe of the young, athletic players at A&M.
Brown is also receiving interest from Alabama, Texas Tech, Houston and TCU. Florida expected him to visit for the recent spring game—no word on whether that materialized.
That he might favor an up-and-coming program over a firmly entrenched one tells me the Aggies, Cowboys and Red Raiders have a legitimate chance of topping the big boys on this one. I like the Aggies to keep their 2010 recruiting momentum alive with another promising athlete.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Master's Week

I love the Master's tournament. Somehow it seems to bring out drama. I also hope Tiger wins it by 20 strokes. I also hope instead of a"going to Disneyland" , he says he is going to a strip club. i am so sick of these holier than thou reporters talking about his infidelities. Elin deserves all the apologies Woods can muster , but everyone else can take a flying leap.

image from About.Com

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NCAA Tiltle Game

Does anyone remember seeing a better NCAA Championship game? I was rooting for Duke because my idiot brother in law (that doesn't narrow it down), the younger of my idiot brothers in law went to Duke. But it was hard not to root for Butler. This was the best tournament in years.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can I get an Amen!

Thanks to The Bleacher Report for this niblet:

Christian Lemay (6-foot-3, 195 pounds) of Matthews, N.C., made some adjustments to his top 10, switching out three schools from his original list. According to his father, Lemay dropped Oklahoma, Mississippi State and Florida State and replaced them with Auburn, Texas A&M and Notre Dame. The rest of his favorites are Clemson, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia Tech, Miami and North Carolina.

Lemay has been to Clemson and Georgia for junior days. His father said they will get to Clemson, Georgia and Auburn for spring games, and they want to visit Texas A&M before they cut their list to five in July. Lemay also will name a leader in July. He will take his five official visits this fall before making a decision.

Apparently, this guy is one of the most highly recruited QBs in the country.

Monday, March 22, 2010

From Austin, This Just In

Cousin John reports: I can't figure out how to blog, so would you pass on this story out of Austin tonight :

Coach Rick Barnes , moving quickly to stop any rumors to the contrary, confirmed he " has no interest whatsoever in the coaching job at Texas. "
Also out of Austin, the NCAA today granted a same sex marriage license to the winningest quarterback in UT history, Colt McCoy, and his significant other, guitar playing ,lifelong Bible brother, Jordan Shipley, provided Shipley comes back for his 7th year at UT .

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back To School

Kudos to Mr. Warren. He doesn't need the degree. He is setting an example for his kids. Of course, you would think he could have picked a better school?


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get Out of My Way

Turned on the Colts Jets game last weekend just as the Colts took a kickoff in the late 2 QTR losing 17 to 3. Now I didn't see the early part of the game where the Jets had obviously played well.
What I did see was Peyton looking like he wanted to bite the head off a lineman. I commented on it because he is usually so composed looking. Manning then took the Colts down the field like he was playing a team from a French art school.  I remember thinking very clearly "you can put a fork in the Jets."
Peyton Manning's play from that point was as good as I have ever seen. He threw perfect passes again and again. The Jets d-backs played really well but they had no chance against an unmatched display of accuracy. Kudos to Peyton-best I have ever seen.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


The Ags have hired Tim DeRuyter as the new D-coordinator and assistant head coach. Read the link above for more. He patterns his defense after Dick Lebeau's attacking D's. Air Force was #1 agianst the pass this year. Let's hope he is the real deal.

Score One for Leach

For now, Mike Leach's lawsuit is going forward.  Maybe the depos of Craig James and his little girl, Adam, will make their way onto the internet.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Colts Great Ain't

You gotta read this article about former Colts receiver, Marvin Harrison.  I always loved this guy...his work ethic, his skill.  Of course, greatness on the field doesn't translate into greatness off the field, but this guy wasn't a loud-mouthed gasbag like so many others.  Jeepers.  Still waters, I guess.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Silk Purse or Sow's Ear?

It is hard for me to be objective about Texas A&M, I admit.  But isn't even a mediocre Big 12 team a step-up from any one of the military academies?  Don't get me wrong:  I very much admire the academies and their students, and appreciate beyond words their service but as far as college sports go, they really aren't big time (and yes, I remember Roger Staubach and David Robinson and Napolean McCallum).  So why wouldn't the defensive coordinator at Air Force  jump on this job?

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Just because you gave up, doesn't mean the other team is obligated to do so! I'm sorry, but Brookings wins the crybaby of the year award. Suck it up and look forward to next season. Oh yeah, Laird, click on the link above.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Norm Chow isn't going back to USC.

Von Miller, studliest of all Aggies, has announced that he is returning next year.  YAY! 

Apparently, someone has a bone to pick with Lane Kiffin.  Harsh.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Tim Brown, former Notre Dame (boo hiss) and Oakland Raider wide receiver, was a guest on Randy Galloway's sports talk show today.  He commented that Wade Phillips' defense is vulmerable in the middle; that when the Raiders played Denver, back when Wade coached at Denver, the Raiders were able to exploit that defense; that it is a defense that cannot adjust; and that the Phillips defense forces safeties into coverage, which "is always a bad thing".  I was alarmed.  But then I got to thinking:  this defense isn't new and if no one has "exploited" it yet, then likely no one will.

By the way, does anyone remember the Cotton Bowl game between the Aggies and the Domers when Brown, that year's Heisman winner, pitched a hissy fit when a walk-on 12th man snatched Brown's towel from his britches during a kick-off return?  I was there and it was hilarious!  Didn't like Brown much after that but he turned out to be a good player.  Check out his stats.  The guy had 75 catches 10 years in a row.  According to Brown, he played with 21 different quarterbacks.  Oy.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Lurve College Football

Well, well, well.  USC has hired Lane Kiffin as head coach.  Kiffin left USC only a year ago to become head coach at Tennessee, which went 7-6 this year.  I bet the Vols are NOT happy right now.  So Tennessee is looking for a new coach.  How about Cincinnati...has it hired a new coach yet?  And more news from Lubbock:  new head coach, Tommy Tuberville, has hired an offensive coordinator and is interviewing for the defensive coordinator position.   New OC, Neal Brown, comes from Troy and potential DC, James Willis, from Alabama.  Sounds like the real deal.  Maybe all is not lost at Tech.

The Return (hopefully) of the Wrecking Crew

Mike Sherman is busy trying to find a replacement for Joe Kines, defensive coordinator.  My sources (Cousin John) tell me that the Air Force guy is the leading candidate.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

College Football Fruit Basket Turnover

Can you believe that Pete Carroll is leaving USC to return to the pros?  And to Seattle, no less?  Wouldn't it be fun if USC had the nads to hire Mike Leach?  I would love to see those first class USC atheletes in the pirate offense.  And, as Oxey has asked, why in the wide world of sports would Tommy Tuberville take the Tech job?  He must really miss coaching.  Oxey and I discussed whether Tuberville, a defensive guy, will keep Riley, the Tech receivers coach who called the plays in the Alamo Bowl, and the Leach offense.  And I still am waiting to see who Sherman hires as defensive coordinator for A&M.

How Bout Them Cowboys ???

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BCA Championship forecast

Longhorns 34 Bama 21
McCoy  400 yds total offense
Ingraham  2 fumbles


ps. Mac Brown should wear a houndstooth Stetson to the game.
pps. picture is for sbaskind