Friday, August 29, 2014

Cool Kenny: Aggies 52, Gamecocks 28

My oh my!  That was a bit unexpected, wasn't it?  While I thought the Aggie offense would be good and capable of scoring 30 points a game, I didn't expect it to be so powerful (I know, I is only 1 game).  Hill was cool, calm,  collected and.....really, really good.  Receivers?  We got 'em.  O-linemen?  We got 'em.  Running backs?  We got 'em.  Defense:  We, er, we are getting one.  As prayed for by Ohfor, the Aggies got off to a powereful, aggessive start....not at all shitful (my new favorite word).  Gig em.

(As evidence of the high level of class exhibited by this blog, notice the absence of descriptors like limp and flaccid, etc as applied to the Lamedicks).

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


SEC fans are under a season-long Bloviating Gasbag Watch( BVW), for Brent Musburger has been assigned to the lead play-by-play seat at the SEC network, according to the Dallas Morning News.  He will be paired with Jesse Palmer. (Chris Fowler will move into Musburger's former position at ESPN alongside Kirk Herbstriet (heavy sigh)).  Lee Corso is returning as is Lou Holtz.  (Holtz talks like he's wearing someone else's teeth....has he always been this way?)  I hope Corso makes a little more sense this year, though I think it unlikely.  Even with him, I enjoy College Gameday.

By the way, I heard from Ohfor, who is on the fence between 9-3 and 8-4 for the Aggies.  I find that a bit optimistic.....hope he is correct.

Monday, August 25, 2014


College football season is upon us with the Aggies opening at South Carolina on Thursday, August 28.  Remember:  this is being aired on the new SEC channel, so don't waste time looking on the ESPN family of channels.  (For DirecTV people, I think the channel number is 611).

The Aggies are 10.5 point underdogs.  Here is a link to the line on all the games.  (Drumski---looks like the Illinois game is so blah that there isn't a betting line at all).

This is a link to interesting  article on the SEC quarterbacks.

My prediction for the Aggies this year is 6-6.  I am not really worried about the offense....I think we can score 20-30 points a game.  BUT I have no confidence that the defense will have significantly improved.  Seems like recruiting focuses on offense;  we need more BAMFs and Daylight Pistol-whippers because the few we had have been arrested and/or kicked off the team.  (As Oxey says, what do you expect.....they are BAMFs and DLPWs.)   Last year, we lost to Alabama, Auburn, Missouri, and LSU.  All 4 are ranked in the preseason polls, as are the Aggies.  Bama at 2;  Auburn 5 or 6; LSU at 13; and Mizzou at 24 on the AP poll.  Aggies are anywhere from 18 to 20.  This year we play Bama and Auburn away, Mizzou and LSU at home.  HERE is the full schedule.  I predict wins over Lamar, Rice, SMU, Ark and ULM, losses to Bama, Auburn, and LSU.  We should beat Miss St., South Carolina (ranked #9)  is a possibility, cause you just never know with the Ole Ball Coach (yuck) and Ole Miss likely will be competitive.  In years past I would have picked us over Mizzou but now I think it is a bit of a toss-up.  Doesn't quite add up to 6-6; I just think it will play out that way.  And if it does, I will close my eyes and remember 2 years ago.

Other good games this weekend include Clemson v. Georgia; FSU v. OSU; and Wisconsin v. LSU.  For some reason, the Wisconsin-LSU match-up makes me smile.  Les Miles' wild-ass cajuns vs. the lumpen men of Wisconsin.  Don't get me wrong...the Badgers are good but this should be a spectacle of contrasting styles. 

And let us not forget that this will be Charlie Strong's first year at UT and Kingsbury's second at Tech. 

So, let's all say it together:  BOOLEY!