Thursday, September 30, 2010

nice halftime adjustments

didn,t see any of and I am not consoled by if it was exciting

Texas A&M Aggies 35 - Oklahoma State Cowboys 38

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But at least we must have looked better than the hairdressing team that suited up for UT last week.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A&M wary of TV games

Of our televised games we've lost 10 of the most recent 11. Thursday night games carried nationally have been especially adverse. If before mid -season, they've been uniformly humiliating. Recall U.of Miami, Virginia Tech, Utah. Games where Laird just taps out, "Beer me" and hits the send button - somewhere early in the third quarter after early but ample evidence that things are going to deteriorate rather than improve from the awful trend of the opening half. Some would be cautious so as not to be again disappointed. Nope. We are going to get this must win by outscoring these guys even though Jerrod will be running for his life much of the night. For once , the opponents will have a couple of critical fumbles - and Von Miller plays great every time we look as if we're going to give in. 34-31. dwc

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cowgirls Win!

What in the wide world of sports got into Roy Williams today?  I am not sure that I ever seen him play so well.  And who else caught a pass today?  Austen, Witten, Hurd, Bryant, Bennett...anyone else?  Aside from Keith Brooking, who may have redeemed himself with that 3rd down sack, the Cowboys played really well in all 3 areas of the game.  Wow.  Nice.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

You Say: STINKO I Say: MALO!!!

Could the Horns have played any worse?  That was painful to watch.  UCLA had 267 yards rushing, 27 passing.   After last week against the Red Radars, I thought the Horns' defense was impenetrable.  Boy was I ever wrong...couldn't have been wronger.   And speaking of the Horns, Oxey and I were talking about their offense (this was early in the game before it got REALLY bad) and he commented that UT doesn't really have an offensive scheme...and hasn't had one for years.  Then, one of the commentators for the Hog-Bama game (more on that later) remarked that in a conversation with Nick Sabin, Sabin remarked that on offense, you just have to let the players do what they do really don't scheme it...but on defense, you MUST have a scheme.  Interesting.

Anyhoo, I was excited about how the Hogs started the game but Mallett CHOKED but good.  One interception in the endzone, one terribly thrown ball that resulted in points for Bama and a final, pitiful, drive-ending ball that he appeared to TRY to throw out of bounds.  After watching the Hogs in two games, I am not that high on Mallett.  No doubt he has talent but, I don't know, he just doesn't seem that great to me.

As I write this, OU and Cincinnati are in the fourth quarter of their game, OU up by 2 points.  Landry Jones looks pretty good but the Bearcats are hanging in.  GO BEARCATS!

Boise State and Oregon State have just started and I think it is 10-7, BS.  The one thing to keep in mind about this game:  the blue field is VOMITORIOUS.  Actually, in everything but points, BS is killin.

Apropos of nothing, I love Verne Lundquist.

Week Four

Just how much do I hate UCLA?  Well, perhaps not as much as I hate USC since my man, Troy Aikman, went to UCLA back in the day, but still they are just another bunch of California pretty boys coached by one of the cheatingest coaches ever, the detestable Rick Neuheisel.  Yuck, yuck, yuck (not to be confused with Curly Stooge's "nyuck nyuck nyuck".)   Hope the HORNS moidelize them.

Hogs v. Tide:  this is hard.  I think Bama will win, so that is not the problem for me.  My Hog hatred goes way back to the old Southwest Conference days but my Bama hatred is greater...Bear NOT get me started.  Also, the Aggies play the Hogs next week so if they could beat Bama they might not get up for the Ags.  On the other hand, they might feel unbeatable.  If they lose to Bama, they will be MAD and anxious to cremate the Aggies like they did last year.  On the other hand, if they lose to Bama, they might just be demoralized enough to not show up for the Ags.  I just don't know.  I guess I hope the Hogs win but I don't expect them to.  And as Oxey reminded me, the Hog coach is a nominee for the lifetime Corso Wears a Merkin award for biggest  <insert crass slang word for female genitalia>  !!!!ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!!  OXEY JUST REMINDED ME THAT THE AGS DON'T PLAY THE HOGS NEXT WEEK--THEY PLAY OSU.  SO, YOU KNOW THAT STUFF I SAID ABOUT THE AGS, THE HOGS, AND BAMA? WELL, NEVERMIND.

The What Were They Thinking Award:  the parents of Jacquizz Rogers.  Oy.

Even though TCU beat SMU last night, if was far from the overpowering performance that everyone expected.  In an unexpected lucid moment, Lee Corso opined that TCU was trying too hard for style points, knowing that it has to win BIG to move up in the polls.

Does Lou Holtz have a speech impediment?

Does anyone besides me think the OU-Cincinnati game might be interesting?

I predict that Denard Robinson of Michigan will get seriously injured before the season is over.  He got dinged again this week.  Also, the Mich defense needs to learn to TACKLE.

Week Three: Better Late Than Never (I Hope)

It has taken me a full week to get over the Aggies' frightening performance against FIU.  5 turnovers.... But, they didn't quit and in the fourth quarter scored MANY points to take the lead and at the very end, managed to keep FIU out of the endzone long enough to log a win.   This week off and then...pigs, I mean, hogs.  I don't know whether to hope the hogs beat or lose to Bama this week...

Blithering Idiot Award:  Lee Corso.  Honestly, I didn't understand a word he said last week (I refuse to consider that I may be the Blithering Idiot)

TCU looked tremendous against Baylor, a team that I thought had improved.  Unimpressed with Baylor's highly touted QB  but his poor play may have been the result of TCU's defense.

Speaking of defense, the Horns looked tough.  That game was weird, though.  It started out just crazy...both teams  seemed a bit wild-eyed.  It made me anxious just watching and I didn't have a dog in the hunt.  Gilbert looks promising to me thought the offense was erratic.  They need to find a consistent back.  As for the Red Radars, not good.  Potts was just bad...maybe he hurt his hand or maybe the D gave him nowhere to go, but it was NOT pretty.  Of course, that doesn't mean that they won't hammer my poor Ags.

Really, really had hoped that Air Force would pull off the upset against OU but it just didn't quite happen.  OU only won by 3, though.  Props to the cadets.  I love a good passing game but I have to say that a well-run option game is a thing of beauty.  Poetic justice that it was run against OU.

Va Tech managed to win, but did it have to be over Ruffin McNeill's ECU?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tea Sip comes from the word "Insipid"

Dear Brothers and Sisters of College Ball ie Football,

U T stands for arrogance
A & M stands for gung ho
Texas Tech stands for "what about me?"

All of us have known since 2nd grade that Texas ruled the recruiting game in the state of the same name and that OU stole as many goodin's as they could and after that the rest lined up. Well watching UT's defence undress Tech's offensive ( they were truly offensive) it dawned on ol' Dorko here that Jim Jeffcoat's offspring, being only 19 years old and 290 lbs. strong and swift....and in only his 3rd game as true freshman starter, that maybe us others might want to form behind and to the right of those flippin' Tea Sips. It's disgustin' to think that the beat goes on, but By Gosh it does. Before the sips dismantled Tech in a sloppily played game by both teams, I thought that OU would demolish the Bevo bunch. Now I'm lookin' forward to the Big D Game as I think the Texas D. line may be the best they've brIught to a stadium in the Brown Era. OU has had a bunch of goodin's but this may be the best D line we've seen in a long while.
If any of us are gonna beat 'em this year, we better hope for injuries for those rascals as they're loaded with talent.....pure and simple. Dorko the Humbled

Monday, September 13, 2010


1st qtr:  Yikes.  2nd qtr:  What the...?  3rd qtr:  Jeez.  4th qtr:  WHAT!  sigh.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week Two Awards, Part One

The What Were They Thinking Award:  the parents of Foswhitt Whittaker

The Blind Leading the Blind Award for Radio Broadcasting:  Dave South, the worst play-by-play announcer in the history of ever

The Corso Wears A Merkin Award:  Va Tech*.  Jesus!

*Va Tech is a team that is always touted as having a tough defense, spectacular special teams, genius coach, and potential for greatness but this team just continues to disappoint.  Now, I don't really care if Va Tech wins or loses but I do keep up with them and I am glad I am not an alum.  I have spent a lifetime suffering along with the Aggies but I would rather my team be bad than disappointing.  If you try hard, work hard, play with heart and discipline and lose because you just  aren't as good, I will support you forever.  But don't underachieve...or quit...or not care.  Along these lines, someone remind me to name the winner of the Phil Fulmer Underachiever Award at the end of the season.

Friday, September 10, 2010

First Week: Awards and Random Thoughts

Awards:  I have decided to award...well...awards each week, assuming I remember to do so.  I will accept nominations, which must be received before I award the award.  Clear as mud?  Anyway, here are the Booleyean Awards for week one:

Master Non-Sequitarian:  Bob Davie

The Dan Jenkins Award for Rip-Snortin' Gut-Bustin' Side-Windiness (and that is wind as in a watch, not wind as in blowing air (( although wind as in blowing air might be more appropriate))):  Brent Musburger

Bloviating Gasbag of the Week:  Craig James (Speaking of whom, he made his inglorious return calling the Navy-Maryland game on Sunday morning.  Yikes.  How are the mighty fallen.

Corso Wears a Merkin Award: the entire LSU team 


I am officially sick of tatoos.

Whaddup with the rash of heinous uniforms?  Boise State, Va Tech, TCU?  Yikes.  Patent leather shoes, c'mon.  Texas, Alabama, Penn State...those are REAL uniforms.

Watched Auburn-Miss St last night and was impressed with Auburn's QB.  6'6", 250...he will be fun to watch this season.  Also, Auburn had a defensive end who had an AWESOME game.  Will be interesting to see if this game was an anomoly.  Miss St looked decent, too.

In checking the Aggie stats after the week, I was disappointed to NOT see Von Miller's name in the sack department.  Turns out he got hurt (ankle) and didn't play much.  Not sure he'll play this week against La Tech.  I think he wants to play but the coaches want to save him.  This shouldn't be a game where his presence is essential, so might be smart to let him rest for a week.  We shall see.

Watching West Va-Marshall right now.  Ummmm.

Looking forward to tomorrow...many fun match-ups. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Curse of the Heisman

Heisman winners, Troy Smith (2006) and Matt Leinart (whenever) both were cut by their respective NFL teams.  Leinart has been picked up (by the Texans, I believe) but no such luck for Smith yet.

It is BOOLEY Time!

I just lurve college football...and the 2010 season has begun.  Over the weekend I watched a bunch of games and saw bits and pieces of others.  Here are my impressions:

Texas v. Rice---ho hum.  I was not impressed with Texas QB, Gilbert, but I expect he will improve. 

Tx Tech v. SMU---Tech is a better team by far but once the Red Radars got ahead, they mailed it in and almost managed to lose.  Even with 4 turnovers, SMU hung in there.  Props to the Mustangs.

LSU v. NC State---I think LSU has now become the most gutless, underachieving, lame-ass team since the Kansas State teams of a few years ago.  NC State was playing without 13 players, including its entire secondary (I believe) and still almost won that game.  Les Miles needs to do something to get those idiots' attention.

Florida v. Miami of Ohio---I only saw a little but the Florida offense looked B-A-D!  The defense was another story, however.

Eastern Carolina v. Tulsa---why, you may ask, did I watch this game?  Because the new coach is Ruffin McNeill, former d-coordinator at Texas Tech.  And am I glad I watched this.  No defense whatsoever but tons of lead changes, back and forth, name it.  Last play of the game:  with 5 seconds left at the Tulsa 30 (or so) yardline, the EC qb throws into the end-zone to a 6'8" freshman receiver who caught it amidst a crowd to win the game.  It was awesome.  YAY Ruffin!

TCU v. Oregon State---this was a little more exciting than I wanted it to be.  TCU's defense was a little porous and Dalton threw a couple of ints.  Still, a win is a win.

Didn't see Fla State but the game marked the start of the no-Bobby-Bowden era.  Exit, Bloviating Gasbag.

Also didn't see OU v. Utah State (?) but was delighted that OU had trouble.  Only thing better would have been a loss.

And, because it wasn't televised, I didn't see the Aggies play but I followed on game tracker (how cool is that, by the way?)  Johnson was 23 for 35, 2 TDs, no ints, 1 running TD.  Final score was 48-7, Aggies.  They beat a team they should have beaten but YAY anyway.  GIG EM AGGIES.


OU v. Fla St  (could they both lose, please?)
Ala v. Penn St
Ohio St v. Miami (not of Ohio)
Michigan v. Notre Dame (pretty much hate em both)