Sunday, December 13, 2009

Who cares . . . . part 3?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Omaha, Neb. — Texas earned a trip to Tampa and volleyball's final four Saturday night with a 21-25, 25-18, 25-16, 25-17 victory over Nebraska in the NCAA regional volleyball final.

The Longhorns overcame Nebraska's home court advantage on the same Qwest Center Omaha court where they lost a year ago to eventual national runner-up Stanford in the national semifinals. This year that tournament will be in Tampa, Fla., and the No. 2-ranked Longhorns will face Minnesota one of Thursday's national semis.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Who cares about Cowboy's football any way, part 2?

Senior Destinee Hooker logged a match-high 23 kills on .465 hitting, and junior Juliann Faucette chipped in 11 kills on .417 hitting to pace No. 2 Texas (27-1) to a 3-0 victory (25-18, 25-18, 25-21) over Texas A&M Friday afternoon in the round of 16 at the 2009 NCAA Volleyball Championships. Texas advances to the NCAA Regional finals for a fourth consecutive season and is set to meet 10th-seeded Nebraska on Saturday at 8 p.m. Central.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Who cares about Cowboy's football any way?

Texas A&M Aggies move on in NCAA volleyball

12:45 AM CST on Monday, December 7, 2009

The Aggies advanced to the round of 16 in the NCAA women's volleyball tournament with an 18-25, 26-24, 23-25, 25-23, 15-10 upset of No. 15 LSU on Saturday night in Baton Rouge, La. A&M (20-10) will face No. 2 Texas (26-1) in the regional semifinals Friday in Omaha, Neb.

I know what John McKay meant

Substitute Cowboys for Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
Following yet another Tampa Bay Buccanneer loss in their early seasons, he was asked what he thought of his team's execution. He replied "I'm in favor of it."

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bowl Matchups

Okay, Texas Vs Bama. Watch out horns.
TCU vs Boise St. again. Let them each play a Big Conference team. Both these teams are disappointed.
The Ag vs Georgia in the Independence Bowl. Freakin Georgia. What? Georgia is 4th(tied for) in the SEC. The Aggies are 8th in the Big 12. Why can't we play some little podunk school that we can compete with. This is unfair to me. My Cowboys suck and we draw Georgia. However, this is a much better bowl than we deserve. Two huge state schools playing in a neutral state near both fan bases.
Tech Vs Michigan St. in the Alamo bowl. Pretty good match up.

Stinkin' Cowboys

Who here thinks this group of punks can beat New Orleans, San Diego, Philly, Washington or any combination thereof?  Oxey thinks the coach should take a tip from the Giants and pull some starters, starting with Romo.  Is there a way to pull the coach?

By the Hairs on Their Chinny Chin Chins

UT-13, Nebraska-12

To quote Shirley Temple:  "Oh my goodness!"  Where to begin?  The non-timeout?  McCoy's cavalier throwaway with just seconds left on the clock?  The absolutely dismal play of the UT receivers?  No, let's talk about the AWESOME Husker defense and their lineman, Suh.  That defense just wreaked havoc on the Horns' offense and McCoy.  As a Horns fan (at least for this game), I found it difficult to watch.  I was waiting for UT to adjust, for McCoy to beat the rush and hit Shipley in stride for a td, for Newton to bust loose...never happened.  Then there was that weird finish.  Oy.

Contrast the Bama-Tebow game, which was really exciting, with the UT-Nebraska mess.  Double oy.  I hope that in the next few weeks the UT coordinators come up with a plan, because Texas will have its hands full with Bama.

And, McCoy lost the Heisman with that performance.  Too bad, because I still think he deserves it.  No doubt, he didn't look good in the game, but he had no help, no time and nowhere to go.  Two of the interceptions weren't his fault, in my view.  But that last sequence of plays was awful.  And absent  an errant kick, a penalty, and the visual accuity of the replay officials, the Horns would have gone out with a whimper.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

While Waiting for the Horns and Huskers

Early in the season, Drumski suggested that Ron Zook should be fired from Ill-inois.  If that happens, who are some likely replacements?  As I recall, Zook went to Illinois after being fired from Florida.  In keeping with that scenario, here are 3 possibilities:  Bobby Bowden, Charlie Weiss, and Mark Mangino.

Oxey asks whether either Sabin or Meyer would go to Notre Dame if either wins the national championship at his present school.  I say "no", but he suggests that there is some appeal to making the move.  I will let him explain.

Oxey also observed that either Bama or the Tebows would have moidelized Cincinnatti or Pitt, who played a very exciting game earlier today.  Players are just in different leagues.

And I am obsessed with finding a defensive coordinator to replace Joe Kines, who is reported to be leaving A&M.  I wonder if the d-coordnator from TCU would consider a move.

Does Tebow seem a little subdued today?

This just in:  Arizona just beat the Condoms.  YAY!

Heisman Talk

Alabama and the Tebows are playing right now and Bama is on top.  QB McELroy and running back Ingram are playing well.  For the last week or so, I have been confident that Colt McCoy will win the Heisman, deservedly so, but color announcer, Gary Danielson, just said something disturbing:  he said that he has a feeling that Heisman voters would like to see someone other than a quarterback win this year.  WHAT?  That is the most craptastic reason for not voting for someone that I have ever heard.  I may succumb to the east cost conspiracy theory if McCoy doesn't win.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rivalry Weekend

The Texas-A&M and Alabama-Auburn games exemplify why Thanksgiving weekend is the best weekend the in College Football season, better even than bowl week.  The Aggies shouldn't have had a chance but they played a great game; same for Auburn.  Tonight there is Fla State-Tebow, which I predict will NOT be like those other 2 games.  I think the Tebows will roll.  But before that, there is Okie St-OU (my pick: Okie St); Va Tech-Va (my pick: Va Tech); Georgia Tech-Georgia (my pick:  Tech); and many more.  Also, TCU takes on hapless New Mexico and though not a rivalry game, it is critical for TCU.  However, I don't think there is anything that TCU can do to get to the championship game.  Oxey suggests that if Texas loses to Nebraska next week, then TCU leaps Texas and goes to the championship game against the SEC winner.  Oxey also notes that both the offense and defense of TCU are in the top 5 in the country, unlike the Tebows, the Tide, and the Horns.  Interesting. 

Heisman:  criminal if McCoy doesn't win it.

Friday, November 27, 2009

This Is What College Football Is About

University of Texas --49, Texas A&M University--39.

Goshdarnit, that was a gut-bustin, rip-snortin, sidewinder of a game. Most points scored ever in this matchup. A kickoff return and a missed field goal popped the Aggies' balloon and sure, I wish the Aggies had won, but even so it was a great game.  I am so, so proud of those guys.  But let's give Texas its due.  The Horns generally and McCoy in particular rose up and showed why Texas is No. 3 in the country.  They made only one error (lost a punt) and didn't lose their cool.  Congrats to sbaskind and all Horns fans.  Take care of the Huskers and you'll be playing for the National Championship.

As for the Ags, they should be confident going into whatever bowl game they draw.  Also, playing well on ESPN on Thanksgiving against the No. 3 team should help recruiting (wishful thinking, much?).  Final word:  Jerrod Johnson played lights out last night.  I hope someone out there saw how good this guy is.

For game stats, which are stunning, go here.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Some sports tidbits:

Hakeem Olajuwon's daughter, Abi, is playing basketball at OU.  I would like to see her play.

Texas A&M won the National Guard FLW College Fishing Texas Regional Championship.  Who knew.

On Friday, Highland Park (11-1) meets Waxahachie (12-0) in the regionals.  Go Scots!

Enjoyed watching the Horns yesterday.  It was senior day for UT, last game in Austin and it was really fun to watch McCoy.  He just seemed relaxed, having some real fun.  And here I make a bold prediction:  MCCOY WINS THE HEISMAN.

Today's Dallas Morning News has an article on NFL coaches who possibly are on the chopping block:  Jim Zorn-Washington; Tom Cable-Oakland; Eric Mangini-Cleveland; Wade Phillips-your heroes; and Lovie Smith-Chicago.

Pet Peeve of the Day

A week or so ago, I was talking to a couple about their kids, one of whom is a six-year old girl.  They were telling me that she was playing soccer, which piqued my interest, of course.  They said she liked to go to practice but didn't like gameday.  Their solution?  Don't make her go to the games.  Really?  Let her join a team, practice with the team and then NOT SHOW UP FOR THE GAMES.  Wow.  This sure is teaching her some good lessons.  I honestly had to bite my tongue so that I wouldn't blurt out that I thought they were IDIOTS.  (WARNING:  This is the part where I talk about "...when I was a kid...")  My brothers played organized sports as kids and before each season of whatever sport began, my dad would ask if they were sure they wanted to play, because if they joined the team, they had to go to practice, they had to go to games, even if they rode the pine (none of this "everyone gets to play" b.s.).  No weekends off, no skipping games for other activities.  And after the questions, my brothers would decide.  Simple.  Do parents do that anymore?  Yes, I realize that this kid is only six but still.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Dallas Dipthongs

The Dallas Mavericks are starting an as-yet-unnamed Development League team, which will play in Frisco, and guess what?  Nancy Lieberman has been named head coach.  I, of course, think this is AWESOME.  If any woman can succeed coaching men, it is Lieberman.  Dell Harris is the general manager and Spud Webb, one of my favorites, is the head of basketball operations (whatever that means). Lieberman makes it clear in the linked article that the only thing that matters here is that the team win.  

I think we should have a naming contest:  how about the Frisco WASPs?  The Mudders?  Or the Taters, in homage to Spud (and Nancy)?   If we want to be p.c., we could call them the Rainbows or maybe we could coin our own word and be the Frisco Diversities?  Or for you pessimists, the Frisco No How No Ways.  (Say that fast...sounds GOOD.  Reminds me of the Hicawee Tribe on F-Troop).  Suggestions welcome. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Aggies and the French

I am going out on a limb and picking the Aggies to defeat the Bears this week. The Aggies will thereby become bowl eligible (at 6-5) and distinguish themselves from the French Infantry (notwithstanding bbl jr.'s sentiment to the contrary), even though after the OU game the Aggies' field general noted the similarity: "We weren't very good," A&M coach Mike Sherman said. "We shot ourselves in the foot numerous times." However, I am hoping that the following week on Thanksgiving, the Aggies will re-live Waterloo with Coach Sherman playing the part of Napoleon (or even Gen. Ney) and Mack Brown as the Duke of Wellington. My great fear, however, is that the roles will be reversed - and the dream-season for the Horns will die on the grass of Kyle Field. It remains to be seen which will be the men sans-culottes. Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I did not see the game. I just now ( 11:30pm) saw the score.  Somebody should resign and some of them apparently should be players.  C'mon Coach, tell me how they never quit. Why can't offensive coaches hire some one to run an actual defense. That one game wipes out all the good some of their other games did for potential recruits.
how do you sell a kid on playing at A&M now? " we were one of the highest scoring teams in the nation son, except against Oklahoma when we rolled over and peed ourselves like the  french infantry.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A celebration of soccer . . .

To accommodate Oxey's request, I am now promoting women's soccer -- but, as you can see, within the rules.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Poke the Iggles, Please

Dallas plays Philly tonight. Grrr. Westbrook is out, which is good for us since we can't ever seem to stop him. Tony Dungee commented that our pass rush is the key for us because McNabb has been going long alot, and needs time to do it. So, time for Ware to earn those big bucks. Go Cowboys.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


On opening day of the season, an Oregon player punched an opposing player and was suspended for the year by his coach.  Last week, Brandon Spikes of the Tebows tried to gouge out the eye of the opposing running back and was suspended for one half of one game by Tebow coach Urban Meyer.  I think this is shameful:  shameful behavior on the part of Spikes and shameful behavior on the part of the Coach.

And In Other News

Another undefeated team fell today.  Iowa lost to Northwestern.  Iowa's qb, Stanzi, went out in the first half (I think) and a red-shirt freshman finished the game for the Hawkeyes.  The Tebows play Vandy tonight and should win.  Boise won on Thursday, Bama is playing LSU right now, and TCU plays later today.  So much for the undefeateds.  Oh, did I fail to mention that the UNDEFEATED TEXAS LONGHORNS crushed UCF earlier today?  McCoy to Shipley...a thing of beauty.

In deference to Drumski, I should mention that the Ill-ini won again today, though they lost Juice Williams to an injury. 

And to Meeshigan haters everywhere, Big Blue lost another one.

Evil Triumphs

Colorado: 35...Your Heroes: 34

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Further Sports Reporting


I L L - I N I

I almost wish that the Illini would have lost, so I could move on with Ron Zook and his non-coaching coaching style. Anway, at least I can give the Michigan fan at work a bunch of crap.

More Sports Reporting: Aggies Win

The Aggies Win! The Aggies Win!
The Aggies beat Iowa State 35-10.
Opinion: If the Aggies keep getting better and beat UT this year, I am holding lsquared personally responsible.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sports Reporting

I resent Oxey's attack on my blog posts.

I am a sport reporter -- which is self-evident by my blog postings.

Oxey just can not deal with another Aggie defeat by the Horns.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Triumphs Over Evil . . .

Tonight (10/28/09) the Lady Longhorns (currently ranked No. 1) smashed the Girl Aggies in Volleyball, 3 - 0! All is well.


Are we supposed to feel sorry for this guy? I understand that he was "generous" for friends and family alike, but there are no excuses for pissing away that much money. If anyone would care to fund a study of this by giving me 110 million, I would be happy to oblige........

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I rest my case . . .

Above is a picture of Phillips with his new "girlfriend." Is this what you would have expected when you heard that a 50 year-old guy (who was an ESPN TV MLB-commentator and former Mets front office guy) had an affair with a 22 year-old ESPN employee while married to his wife and mother of his 4 sons? After seeing this (and to quote the can't-be-wrong so-called lsquared) perhaps an "unseen force" did indeed get "ahold of his penis."

Monday, October 26, 2009

When A Girl's Gotta Rant, A Girl's Gotta Rant

The sordid antics of ESPN baseball analyst, Steve Phillips, flooded the sports radio airwaves in Dallas  last week and  spawned a heated debate among several of my male business partners and me.  At lunch today, one of my partners mentioned that Phillips had been fired.  While one of my partners kept his mouth shut (wisely), the other two launched into a discussion of why any man would risk his job, his marriage, and his reputation for a girl who is so...plain.  They explained that when you hear that a 50-year old married man is having an affair with a 22 year old, you quite naturally expect the girl to be a hottie, which this girl isn't (in their view).  Finally, feeling the need to say something scathing and brilliant, I said with authority "MEN!"

Here is what a friend of Phillips said:

“Steve Phillips is not a sleazebag. He’s a good guy who just fell off the wagon… Whatever he did wrong, it wasn’t under his control or he wouldn’t be checking himself in for help. He knows he needs help and wants a life with his family — that is paramount to him above everything else.”

It wasn't under his control?  Oh, I get it, some unseen force got ahold of his penis and he was a helpless victim.  Poor, poor man.  There seems to be an epidemic of this going around, doesn't there?  So now this dumbass has checked himself into a facility to get help dealing with his issues (like terminal stupidity and serial adultery) (yes, he has done this before).  Here is an idea for you, Mr. Phillips:  GROW UP AND QUIT BEING A SELFISH BASTARD.

If You Can't Watch It, Read About It

In the last month or so, I have read 2 really good sports books.  One is The Blind Side by Michael Lewis, whose other works include Moneyball and Liar's Poker.  The overarching story here is how the position of left tackle became a premiere position in the NFL and, as a consequence, in college ball.  But the real story, and the story the keeps you reading, is about a young boy from Memphis who is rescued from abject poverty and unspeakable neglect to become a highly sought recruit and a first round NFL pick at the position guessed it...left tackle.  The young boy is Michael Oher and he this year is starting as a rookie with the Baltimore Ravens.  This book touches on too many subjects to detail here (public education, college recruiting, the NCAA, poverty among them) and includes fascinating bits of NFL history.  Well worth the read.  And by the way, it has been made into a movie starring Sandra Bullock, coming out in November, I think.

The second book is The Match by Mark Frost.  This book recounts a 1956 golf match between amateurs Ken Venturi and Harvie Ward and professionals Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson.  The writing is exquisite, which makes this book worth reading even if you have no interest in golf.  But if you like golf even a little bit, you must read this book.  Compelling storytelling and insightful mini-biographies of the main players lift it above the ordinary nonfiction yawn.  On top of all that, Frost gets into golf course design and the high-level's golf move from amateur to pro.  Really fascinating.   As for me, I most enjoyed the Hogan and Nelson stories.  Two admirable men and two incredible golfers.  My dad would have loved this book.

Sam I Am

As predicted, and once again proving the greatness of me, Sam Bradford has announced that he will be having surgery and then coming out for the NFL draft.  I know nothing about the success rate of shoulder surgery.  Will he be what he was before the injury?  Will he get picked in the first round?  Will anyone pick him to immediately start or will someone with a seasoned QB (New England?) take and groom him for the future?  And, do you think Stoops even wanted him back?

Ware a Cowboy til 2015

The Cowboys will have Demarcus Ware until 2015, having today extended his contract.  Looks like he's getting a ton of dough, 40 million of which is gay-rone-teed (as Justin Wilson used to say).  I believe that is the biggest guarantee that Jerry "Its My Actual Hair" Jones has given.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fruit Basket Turnover

Texas Tech whupped K State, K State whupped Texas A&M, and then...surprise, surprise...Texas A&M whupped Texas Tech.  This reminds of last year's Texas-OU-Tech dilemma, only with K State, Tech, and A&M, the national title isn't on the line (drat it).  Actually, I care about none of that.  I simply am filled with the most wonderful feeling of glee.  The Aggies haven't beaten Tech in some time and after being thoroughly thrashed by Arkansas and embarassed by K State, the Aggies came back and managed to win.  The Aggies, bless em, can score if not facing a good defense, it seems.  So now we face Iowa State (who surprisingly beat Nebraska this week), Baylor, Colorado, OU, and Texas.  Yikes.  Best case: wins over Iowa State, Baylor and Colorado;  absolute destruction by OU and Texas.  Worst case:  absolute destruction.  Whatever happens, I am proud of them for not quitting, for continuing to fight.  Gig em.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Starkle, Starkle, Little Twink.

Was Billy Gillespie fired for being drunken loser, a surly lech with no interpersonal skills, or a bad coach? Or maybe all 3? In any event, his attorney reports that after receiving a disappointingly low settlement offer, Gillespie reluctantly sued The University of Kentucky. Apparently, U of K realized the error of its ways and this week settled with Gillespie for 3.25 million. That should be enough to keep the coach in peppermint schnapps for the foreseeable future.

The Return of the B.G.

Here is what I realized: I have more to say when I don't watch the games than when I do watch. And here's why: when I watch, I feel that I must impart pithy and insightful analysis, of which I have none. However, if I don't watch, my comments don't have to be limited by knowledge. In other words, I can be a complete Bloviating Gasbag (but in a good way). So, here are my observations regarding today's games, which I haven't watched (or won't later):

Texas-OU: wtf? I love Colt McCoy, and last year he earned my everlasting respect, but this year he just hasn't had it. Dude, get with the program. And despite having espoused the venal "if you can't beat 'em, hurt 'em" philosophy in the past, I really don't wish any player harm. So, I sincerely regret Bradford getting hurt again. Prediction: shoulder surgery and out for the year, with the concomitant drop in the NFL draft.

USC-Notre Dame: Is it possible for both teams to lose? Detest them both: arrogant, California pretty boys vs. pretentious, holier-than-thou Golden Domers. Yuck.

Arkansas-Tebows: before I read the betting line in the paper this morning, I thought that the Hogs might give the Tebows a battle. Possibly my opinion is colored by the thrashing the Hogs gave my Aggies, but the line is HUGE in favor of the Tebows. Still and all, GO HOGS.

Iowa-Wisconsin: I like Iowa (aka Idiots Out Walking Around), don't ask me why. I like the coach, too. As for Wisconsin, too boring to even have thoughts about. I pick Iowa (and I haven't seen the score).

Alabama-South Carolina: Alabama will kill South Carolina, not only because the Bama defense is scary, but Spurrier is an arrogant ass and I never pick him to win. Another example of my keen analysis.

Illinois-Indiana: the inept verses the incompetent. Yawn.

And, saving the best for last:

Texas A&M-Kansas State: Two not-so-great teams with similar records. Game is at K-State, so that gives them an edge. Aggies QB Jerrod Johnson is 3rd in the nation with 356 yards per game and defensive end Von Miller leads the country in sacks (9) and is 6th in tackles for a loss (11), so the Ags have a few positives. Also, having been suckled on Aggie Koolaid, I see improvement in the young players (6 starting freshmen) though perhaps not enough in the o-line, which is dismal. But, still, I say that the Aggies will............WIN!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Was this the work of lsquared?

Oh Dear!

They really did nuke-the-moon.

Who could be behind this?


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Withdrawn Predictions for Aggies

I withdraw all prior predictions and bow down to the greatness of the predictions of lsquared.

I see now that it is hard to be an Aggie fan.

PS Oxey, it was nice to see you.

The Aggie game I saw was great.

I was channel surfing and came across the Aggie Arkansas game on espn. Very unexpected since i never get much big12 up here unless it is Longhorns or Sooners. I saw the defense get a stop, a fair catch by our punt team, and a couple of unimpressively blocked running plays where the Aggie back actually still gained some yardage. Then lo and behold the Aggie QB scrambles left spots a kid way dwn field and hits him perfectly with an awkward but almost effortless pass for a touchdown.
Bang the score is 10 -0.
I changed the channel and never looked back. A great football day!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Renewed Predictions for the Aggies

Previously, I fearlessly predicted the Aggies would go 9-3 this year. The so-called lsquared (she of little or, perhaps, no faith) scoffed at my prediction. Now that the Aggies are are 3-0, they only need 6 more victories for me to be proven correct. More importantly, it would prove lsquared wrong, which is my daily goal. So, here's how the Aggies will be 6-3 in the next 9 games. K-State (3-1, with wins against N. Dakota State, Kent State, and Army) and Iowa State (2-2, losing to U. La.-Laf.) should be sure victories. Baylor has lost its super-star QB for the year. Colo (1-2, having lost to Toledo) is not good. So I predict 4 more victories (K-State, I-State, Baylor and Colo) for a total of 7. That leaves Ark., Ok. State, Tx. Tech, OU, and UT. Ark (1-2, but the two loses are to great teams Ga. and Ala.) has only beaten Mo. State. Ok. State and Tx. Tech do not appear to be as good originally thought. So I say 2 out of 3 victories in those games. That would be 9 victories. Then even if the Aggies lose to both OU and UT, they end up 9-3. So what do you say now lsquared or any other Aggie doubters out there?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Since I consider t.v. watching a sport, I will now report on some new shows: Glee--really good; The Good Wife---really good; Mercy---bad; Cougartown---bad and annoying; NCIS Los Angeles---not as good as the real NCIS, to which I am addicted (guilty pleasure); Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck---bad. Returning shows: NCIS---very good; Curb---good; House---good; Madmen---wonderful; Project Runway---really good; and Top Chef---really good; Castle---good (but I could watch Nathan Fillian iron napkins and think it was good). And of course, I am very much looking forward to the return of Dexter on Sunday. Have I mentioned that I lurve my DVR?

Cowboys' Stadium: The Death Star

The Cowboys' new Stadium is now being called the Death Star by local media. But whose death will it cause? The Cowboys?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Giants/Cowboys at Dallas Palace

The big story of course is the Nyark Grunts won. But what is missing is really important: the media did not cover the real story of the night. I thought their coverage of the luxury suites for the rich and famous was abysmal. One, they didn't show one single luxury suite other than through the window of Gene and Laura yukking it up, or W and John trading stories......or the Jones boys smilin' and laughin' and grimacing an dying. I was totally put off that they didn't show the bathrooms in the suites nor the great catering that's done in this very special "palace of pain." I don't know about you but I was pained. Yes, catering is high art in Texas. There are several ways to prepare and present Bush's Beans with the brisket that I'll bet not one Nyarker knows. It could have been a school lesson for all the deprieved in the East. Media blew it a thousand ways.
Since Dallas' uniforms out class the Grunts, their should have been more mention of that and less of the fact that the Nyarkers think of themselves as Joe Lunch Pail kind'uv players. Why would anyone want to pull for common laborers? Then I think back to Emmit Smith, with a totally undone shoulder, plowing through the Nyarkers to take us to a Super Bowl and I wonder if my keel is straight. Maybe I've lost my way, what I love is a running game with power and finesse.....and that is exactly what Daboys delivered. And we lost? I was considering the fact that something in the first half caused me to think of Halloween.....and I was right. It came more than a month early. Dorko the Humble

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where the hell are we recruiting?

I am glad to see the Ags won. Especially against a team that has lost its last 8 road games, but, our star is Uzoma Nwachukwu?

Saturday, September 19, 2009


My dad would be ashamed of me today because I am relishing USC's loss to Washington, thereby being a really bad sport. (Dad encouraged us to demonstrate good sportsmanship--graciousness in both victory and defeat, etc. Personally I prefer bbljr's definition, which he shared with me when I was a child: being a good sport means "don't cheat". As you might expect, graciousness sometimes wasn't apparent in bbljr's play.) I don't know why I despise USC but I most assuredly do. I'd be happy if they never, ever won another game in any sport. Sorry, Pop.

As I am writing this, Va Tech just beat Nebraska coming from behind in a last minute drive. Unbelievably exciting, though I was for Nebraska.

Now the serious business begins and I must start tracking the Ags. In less than an hour, the Texas-Tech game begins, so I'll being watching that, tracking the Aggies on the computer, and finishing a fantastic book called "The Match" (which I will post about after completion. I know you can't wait for that.)

College Football: Week Whatever

Here is how you avoid college football frenzy: do NOT watch College Gameday on ESPN. After 2 hours of Chris. Lee, and Kirk, I'm fired up about games like Ball State-Army and Indiana-Akron. Ok, admittedly Corso can be a little hard to take but looking at Kirk makes up for it. So here are some of my predictions for today:

The Tebows stomp Tennessee
Notre Dame beats Michigan State, drat it
Cincinnati beats Oregon State (just cause)
Mormons over Seminoles
Hogs top Dawgs
Horns over Red Radars, with apologies to Dorko
Aggies over Mormonettes
Whomever over the Illini, with apologies to Drumski, unless the Illini are off, in which case it may be close

While waiting for the more interesting games to begin, I am watching Cal v. Minnesota and Minnesota ought to lose just because of their uniforms: one of the top five ugliest uniforms in the history of ever.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Talk about bad luck. My Bro-in-law and his wife are coming to visit on Saturday, but want to meet to shop.....their favorite sport. Now I'm gonna be walking around Taos sticking my nose in every bar until half time. After that the T-Sips will be so far ahead I won't want to know anymore.

Crabtree has been treed by his agent whose only wish is $$$$ with lots of zeros. He better get his act together and get a deal done or he may have a hell of a time in the future in the NFL. Such a waist of talent, I could have been his agent.

Signed, Dorko the Humble

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Dorko Cometh

Greetings and salutations to Dorko the Humble, our newest contributor. A Red Radar from dusty Lubbock, Dorko will bring his sandy insights to our otherwise (mainly) maroon and orange blog. We are really glad to have you, Dorko, especially in light of the Texas-Tech matchup this weekend. Speaking of which, I kinda wish this matchup wasn't so early in the season. Last year I went to Lubbock for the game (though I didn't get a ticket and ended up watching it on t.v.) and being on campus before the game reminded me why I lurve college football. It was absolutely electric. There was so much on the line. This year, not so much. Have to say, I think the Horns will roll. And Dorko, what is up with Crabtree? You need to go out to California and shake some sense into him.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random NFL Stuff

The Eagles have signed Jeff Garcia. And will someone please explain the appeal of the wildcat formation? Michael Crabtree continues to hold out. The guy is either really dumb, got really bad advice, or (as one of my partners believes) isn't healthy enough to play and doesn't want anyone to know.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Ho Hum! Federer's shot

Bad News Bears

As if the embarrasing play of the new franchise savior , Jay Cutler, wasn't enough the Bears found out this morning that Brian Urlacher's wrist is broken and he is out for the season. That is likely to loosen up ticket availability. This injury is unfortunate. Urlacher has been dealing with neck and back problems for a couple of seasons and had come into camp clear of problems and in great shape. Last night in the first quarter he was every where on the field till the injury.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

NFL Talk

Tampa Bay was a team that I expected the Cowboys to beat and they did. The win wasn't particularly glorious, but we take them where we can. Romo seemed off the first half and the run defense was stinko malo but maybe they drank a few beers at half-time because they played better in the second half. Receivers looked good, but I don't know if that is because they are good or because the Tampa defense had a few breakdowns. Who cares. I would like to have seen more of Felix Jones, though. Next week the Cowboys face the Giants. I just watched the Giants -Redskins game: pretty good D but fairly anemic offense.

Donovan McNabb broke a rib so we may be seeing Joe Mexico at QB once his suspension is complete.

Matt Stafford: 3 ints in loss to New Orleans.

Jake Delhomme: muy stinko malo. 4 turnovers, at least. I lost count.

Adrian Peterson: unreal. One of his t.d. runs will be repeated all year. I can't even begin to describe it, so look for it on the interweb.

Midway through the 4th, San Francisco is leading the Cardinals, 20-14. Being from Dallas, I hate the 49ers as a matter of principle, but I like Mike Singletary. I have no particular love for the Cardinals, but I do like Larry Fitzgerald, who is simply tremendous and who I covet for the Cowboys.

Tonight: Bears verses Packers. GO BEARS.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Bad

Nebraska killed Arkansas State, not Arkansas. Oops.

Tiger looking washed up.

Or rather, polished up. Bogeyed the first hole, and left one hanging on the lipof the cup on 16 to shoot 62. 62! It is enough to make one give up the game as some kind of magic trick.

Later That Same Day

If I were sbaskind, I would be driving around Dallas aimlessly right about now, turning the radio off and on every 15 seconds, cussing at irksome drivers, wondering why oh why didn't I go to a school without a football program, say...Mt. Holyoke or (bbljr's favorite) Little Sisters of the Poor. Anywhere but UT, which is barely leading Wyoming at the half. But hey, sbaskind, LISTEN UP: UT will win this, so just fill up the tank, put in a Beatles disc, pick up a cherry coke at Sonic, and try to relax.

Tennesse and UCLA are tied at 10. Of course, I hate all of the pretty-boy California schools but I don't much like Tennesse either, though I like it better now that that fool, Phil Fulmer, is gone. Plus the Vols usually have excellent wide receivers and defensive linemen who are fun to watch.

Why don't they just change the Florida mascot to the "Tebows" and get it over with. By the way, final score: Tebows 56, Troy-the-school 6.

I would rather watch Little Sisters of the Poor play Abilene Christian College than watch Michigan-Notre Dame. Yuck.

Big 12 news: Nebraska killed Arkansas. I hope the Hogs stay dead until AFTER the Aggies play them on Oct. 3.

Remember last week when I said that OSU looked beatable? Well, Houston is beating the Cowboys, 24-14, early in the 3rd quarter. However, OSU scored on the opening drive of the 2nd half and it is far from over. But for the moment, I am a FOOTBALL GENIUS.

As Kip Dynamite would say, peace out.

Hurry Up and Wait

Week 2 of college football and already something is bugging me: I hate it when the offense goes to the line, the QB approaches the center, the defense sets, and then the entire offense stands and turns to the sideline for new signals! Ack! COME ON! I get that the coaches want to see how the defense is lining up but this tactic is a total momentum killer...and a crashing bore for the viewers. I am, however, a big fan of the hurry-up or no huddle offense, and I think it is much more effective at keeping the defense confused. Yes, the hurry-up takes more discipline on the part of the offense but so what. Right now I am watching Troy (the school, not Aikman, though Troy-the-Aikman would have about as much chance as Troy-the-school) play Florida and Troy is using the annoying "look to the sidelines" strategy. Last week it was OSU using it against Georgia, if I recall correctly. Just makes me want to turn the channel. Unfortunately, my choices are lame (I was watching Iowa-Iowa St.---got to check out the Big 12, doncha know---but is was some kind of ugly football). Might have to go the Central Mich-Mich St game, which I could not care less about. Some good games later in the day, though, so I will just have to suffer my way through this b.s.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It Only Hurts When I Laugh

Oxey reports that he strained his achilles tendon jumping 6" to grab something over his head. I think that this injury is far lamer than my multiple Wii injuries, but he disagrees. All of which brings to mind some of the stupider injuries, which of course, can be further categorized into subsets of stupid injuries: show-boating stupid---Drew Pearson spiking the ball over the crossbar after scoring (knee), Gus Ferotte banging his head against a concrete wall after scoring (concussion); drunkenly stupid---Erik Williams car wreck (entire body); criminally stupid---Plaxico Burris shooting himself with an illegal handgun (leg); youthfully stupid---Ben Rothlesberger and Cullen Winslow Jr. crashing their motorcycles (miscellaneous broken bones and internal injuries). Any others come to mind?

Tennis, Anyone?

Did anyone watch any U.S. Open tennis over the weekend? I saw about 10 minutes of the match between Melanie Oudin and Robotic Russian #3. In case you don't know about Oudin, she is a 17-year old from Marietta, Georgia. She is 5'6", not a power hitter but a grinder who can flat cover the court. In the match I saw, she lost the first set 6-1. She won the second set in a tie-breaker after being down 5-3 (I think). In the third set, she was up 5-2 when Russian #3 broke her serve. Oudin then broke back, won the set 6-3, and advanced to the quarter-finals. I just love her! Now I wish I had seen the entire match, but I probably couldn't have stood it. Anyway, send good thoughts out into the universe for this little girl...maybe she can win another. And by the way, she wears these totally cool pink and yellow Adidas sneakers. I want me some.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The End is Here

Here are some of the people who got waived, released, or terminated by NFL teams over the weekend: Maurice Purify, Brooks Bollinger, Billy Cundiff, John David Booty, Rhett Bomar, Zach Thomas, Chase Daniel, David Tyree, Joey Harrington, and Jeff Garcia. Lots of QB's on that list. As for the Cowboys, they finally have given up on Isaiah Stanback. Rudy Carpenter, free-agent QB, was released but is expected to be picked up for the practice squad. Aggie Stephen McGee is hurt, but still on the team. Question: is Bobby Carpenter worth keeping? He just seems a step late on everthing.

Big 12 Rocks it in Week One

With one ginormous exception, all Big 12 teams playing yesterday won. The exception? OU. Say what? Of course, the SEC did well, too, with only Georgia losing (to the Big 12's OSU). Apropos of nothing, SMU and North Texas won, also.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Observations

Sorry, Drumski, but the Illini looked B-A-D today. Yikes. Am now watching OSU v. Georgia. Close game, so sorta fun. Georgia has a good D, but offensively shot itself in the foot, repeatedly. OSU looks beatable to me; in other words, still a second-tier Big 12 team (though it looks like OSU is going to win this one). At halftime of the Ohio State-Navy game, Lou Holtz said that Charlie...uh, whats-his-name...of Notre Dame is the most underrated football coach in the country. Think about that one. Gotta go but looking forward to OU v. BYU tonight. Admittedly, I have mixed feelings. Since my team is in the Big 12, I generally cheer for Big 12 teams, because I want the conference to look good. But I HATE, HATE, HATE OU, and though Stoops is good (I guess), I don't like him much either, arrogant ass that he is. Of course, I don't like BYU either (flashback to A&M playing BYU in a bowl game and separating both of Ty Detmer's shoulders). So go Sooners, I guess, sorta (but if they lose...YAY!)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh, the Antici...pation

College football starts tomorrow! (Ok, so it started yesterday, but that doesn't count. I watched a little of the S. Carolina v. N.C. State game, hoping to see Spurrier get his rear kicked. Didn't happen, drat it.) But the real stuff happens tomorrow: Georgia v. OSU, OU v. BYU, Texas v. a direction in Louisiana, and...drumroll please...Texas A&M v. New Mexico. I just love, love, love college football. In fact, I lurve college football, lurve being several degrees stronger than love, like turning it up to 11. So...gig 'em and hook 'em and grill 'em and cook 'em. BOOLEY rules!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Derek Jeter

Watching the white sox / yankees game for a few innings a moment ago (all the baseball I have seen this year) Hawk Harrelson remarked after watching Jeter get his 3rd consecutive single in 3 at bats: " I believe Jeter now needs only 14 more hits to pass Lou Gherig as the Yankees all time hits leader. I was stunned. I have always really liked the way Jeter plays ball; what a sound player he is and has been. But wow, all time hits leader for the Yankees? That is rarefied air. Congrats to Derek.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A plea from the frozen north

I have heard nothing, nada, zippo about the Cowboys camp. Up here it is cutler, cutler, cutler, what do you think of cutler. So what are folks talking about down there?
As for the bears, I think they are going to enjoy being in the division where Adrian Peterson and Percy Harbin score a gadjillion points and go to the superbowl and lose. ( it is minnesota afterall)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lightening Bolt

This guy is awesome. from Bloomberg:
Usain Bolt broke his own world record in the 200 meters, running 19.19 seconds at the track and field world championships in Berlin.

It’s the second world mark of the meet for Bolt, who topped his own 100-meter standard by running 9.58 seconds four days ago. He set the previous 200 mark of 19.30 seconds at the 2008 Olympics.

Amazing performance. What strikes me most is ran consecutive 100 meters without stopping at a pace 9.595 or only 15 thousands of a second slower than the world record 100 meter pace from two days ago. In other words he ran the 200 meters faster than anyone else in history has run a 100 meters.
The numbers seem small but he is lowering this record at a colossal pace. A Ralph Boston pace.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I withdraw my prior post and replace it with this:

Who the heck is Y. E. Yang?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ho hum, Tiger wins again . . .

Is it premature to declare Tiger the greatest professional athlete of any sport of all time?

Bullet Bob gets his due. Finally.

Yesterday Bob Hayes was finally inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The only man to win Olympic gold and a Superbowl ring. Hayes changed the game and still holds some Cowboy franchise records. I now have one less thing to rant about.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Thank you Sir! May I have another?

Here is a book I do not want.

The Catch, by Gary Myers. This book hitches the rise of the 1980s 49ers and the fall of the 1970s Cowboys to the 1981 NFC Championship Game when the Joe Montana-Dwight Clark connection orchestrated "The Catch."

(From Rich Gosselin in the Dallas Morning News)

Dad is rolling in his grave. "Montana was throwing that ball away! Clark made a lucky catch"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hurts So Good

I was just adding Aggie games to my calendar when I noticed that the Ags are playing the Horns on Thanksgiving Day...the actual day...just like when we were kids. Cool. Then I noticed this: the game is at 7:00 p.m. (and will be televised). How am I supposed to make it to 7:00 p.m. without combusting from nerves, anxiety, and antici...pation? I will no doubt watch the Cowboy game and go straight to the Aggie game. This is setting up to be one of those pleasure/pain, hurts-so-good type of deals. No doubt vast quantities of alcohol will help me get through me, early and often.

Monday, August 3, 2009

IF Jerry signs Vick, he can have Abuse Your Dog day

From Bloomberg.

By Mary Schlangenstein and Thomas Korosec
Aug. 3 (Bloomberg) -- A crowd of 82,000 isn’t enough for
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.
He has a plan to set a National Football League attendance
record when the team starts playing in its new $1.15 billion
stadium next month. Tickets are being sold to fans who won’t get
seats: They’ll watch the game standing up.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tiger Wins

Tiger Woods won the Buick Open today at 20 under, 3 strokes ahead of the several folks tied for second. I watched most of the televised play both yesterday and today. Both days, and particularly Saturday, Tiger putted great and his iron/fairway wood play was unreal. But goodness gracious, his driving was terrible. Now according to the commentators, the fairways were really narrow and there were big, erratic winds, but what bothered me was how tortured Tiger's swings seemed to be. I mean, he always had a power swing, not the smooth, graceful swing of, say, Ernie Els. But he really seemed off to me. Is Hank Haney still his swing coach, or has he switched again? The commentators kept replaying his drives in slo-mo to show how he was getting his hips in front of his arms, skewing his spine angle, etc, etc. It was ugly. But, he is so good that he could save just about anything. Today he almost pulled off an unreal cut shot from under a tree 230+ yards from the green but was just short and hit it in the water. (reminded of Kevin Costner in Tin Cup). He took a drop and then proceeded to lob a 53 yard wedge to within a couple of feet of the cup, and holed it for par. Really amazing. Anyway, as he said yesterday, he was hitting the ball badly but scoring well. The guy is just so fun to watch, even when he is off. By the way, I think this was his 69th victory. Not too bad. Can't wait for the PGA tournament in 2 weeks.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Cowboys Just Got Better

Sadly, the Philadelphia Eagles excellent defensive coordinator, Jim Johnson, passed away yesterday.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sawed Off?

This is for you, oxey.

Please notice the horns remain intact.

The Return of Joe Mexico

As expected, Michael "Mad Dog" Vick has been reinstated. Talk here is that the Rams are interested in him, as a QB, I guess. Also, the commish announced that Tony Dungee (sp?) is going to assist Vick in "transitioning" back into the NFL. Right. Let me know how that works out. In the meantime, I imagine that all the PETA people are sharpening their nails in anticipation of launching attacks at the team that signs ole Mad Dog. Should be fun.

P.S. Several years ago MV was sued by a woman who alleged that she contracted an STD from him. He had told her that his name was "Joe Mexico". This still makes me laugh.

Monday, July 27, 2009


L2, thank you for the invitation to participate. Agree that The Open is the optimal championship to win. Carnoustie may well be the best place to win it. They say Saint Andrews got the historical fame but Carnoustie got the golf course. Nevertheless, I think I would pick Turnberry for my one Open Championship (no greed here) which I attribute to it's beauty and a magical round played at dusk with Jack when he was 16 y/o. Bill Kingman from San Antonio joined us. I'm eager to begin what has so far transpired.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buerhle Pitches A Perfect Game


July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox pitched a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays, the 16th time in Major League Baseball history that a pitcher retired 27 batters without allowing a baserunner.

The White Sox won 5-0.

I saw the lst few pitches but the highlight was the fantastic catch made up against the wall to retire the 2nd out in the 9th inning. The best catch I have ever seen in such a situation. The outfielder should get a partial credit on the perfect game. Try to see the replays on ESPN.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Favorite Sport

Last weekend, I competed in my favorite sport: Movie watching. HP&HBP is great but I will say no more for those who have not seen it. There is nothing better than a sport that involves the consumption of popcorn, Dots, and Dr. Pepper -- except, of course, watching college football with Bud.
I realize I did not achieve the same calorie-burning level as the so-called lsquared, but at least I did not have to go to work this week needing to explain away various Wii-bowling injuries. More importantly, there are only 45 days until September 5 when we get U.La-Monroe @ UT, New. Mex. @ TA&M and N.Dakota @ TTech. -- six powerhouse teams.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Me, Myself, and Wii

As regular readers of this blog know, I recently purchased a Wii. In the few weeks that I have had it, I have strained muscles I had forgotten that I had. My most serious injuries (plural) were to my bobo. These injuries resulted from...drum roll, please...bowling. Anyway, yesterday I finally set up the Wii Fit board. The first thing you do with this little dealio is the body test, which tells you your weight, BMI, and after you do a couple of little balance tests, your Wii fitness age. So, I did all this stuff, just as instructed and my fitness age is...dirge, please...75. I am 55, but my fitness age is 75. 75. Wii --1, me--0. I unhooked the fitness board, threw it in the pool with the fitness disc, and drank a beer.

Not really. I tried to go on. I did a few of the balance exercises...slalom...I can ski, I thought, so I can do this, I thought. Wrong. Wii--2, me--0. Ok. Move on to soccer. I actually played freakin soccer, in college, for a college team. For 3 years. This I can do. Wrong. Wii--3, me--0. Ok. Screw it. Time for a beer.

Later that same day, a very fit, very very fit, much younger friend of mine came over to try it out to see if she and her husband should get one. Her fitness age was 59. Hahahahahaha. I felt so much better but she was NOT happy, with a capital NOT. She then tried slalom (fail), soccer (fail), tightrope walking (double fail). Now she is really NOT happy. Furthermore, she now is making excuses...this thing doesn't work right, this can't be right, blah blah blah. After I stopped laughing, I got out the instruction manual, just to indulge her. And guess what? The friggin board was facing the wrong way. Oops, my bad.

Today, I went through the whole thing again with the board facing the correct direction and guess what, my Wii fitness age is ... fanfare, please ... 40! I am excited, I am ecstatic, I throw my hands up in celebration and... thrust my fist into the spinning blades of the ceiling fan. Wii--4, me--0.

Those Who Can't, Read

As I watch the British Open today, I am reminded of one of the best books...not just a great sports book but one of the best books...that I have ever read, Final Rounds by James Dodson. It is a beautifully written, eloquent, and powerful story of a journey taken by a father and son. It is about life, love, and golf. A wonderful, wonderful book. (I recently started reading it again but couldn't finish...the loss of my own dad is a little too fresh). So, of course, I began to think about other wonderful sports books. Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order: Rick Reilly's Missing Links and his Whose Your Caddy?, Semi-Tough and Life Its Ownself by Dan Jenkins, 1939: Baseball's Pivotal Year by Talmage Boston, Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand, Money Ball by Michael Lewis, and Positively Fifth Street by James McManus. And, I'd give Jenkins' Dead Solid Perfect an honorable mention at the very least. These run the gamut...fact, fiction, funny, not so funny. Anyway, check 'em out.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Is anybody as sick of the "will he or won't he" drama generated by Brett Favre as I am?

Watson Takes British Open Lead


July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Five-time winner Tom Watson took the first-round lead of the British Open.

The 59-year-old American, the oldest golfer on the course, was at 5-under-par on the 17th. Australian John Senden and England’s David Howell were tied for second, a shot behind him.

Like Greg Norman last year. I hope he can hang in there till day 4.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The British Open

It is British Open week which is one of my favorite sports weeks of the year. I love to see the funky bounces on the British courses and how the players deal with it. Or how the weather can dictate the winner with a wind change or torrential rain.
I often think if I can win one championship I would pick the British Open. not the Superbowl, or the tour de frenchy, or the world serious. I used to say the World Cup but now lit i "the open"
how about you guys? Maybe the World Series of Poker which has the highest money payout? Naw, the Open.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lsquared's Wii:

To U.S. Senate: BUTT OUT!

Thanks to PDS for the following (which I have edited):

This from Sports Business Daily:

Hatch, BCS Officials Debate Playoff System At Senate Hearing

Sen. Orrin Hatch yesterday (R-UT) called the BCS an "illegal monopoly benefiting six conferences at the expense" of smaller schools during a U.S. Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on college football's postseason system, according to a front-page piece by Matt Canham of the SALT LAKE TRIBUNE. Hatch said that the Justice Department "should investigate" whether the BCS violates federal antitrust laws. However, Univ. of Nebraska Chancellor and BCS Presidential Oversight Committee Chair Harvey Perlman warned that "even if a judge agreed with Hatch and struck down the way college football now crowns its champion, officials wouldn't create a playoff like so many fans, sports pundits and even the president have called for." Perlman during the hearing said, "Honestly, it's hard to see why anyone would litigate this. The end result of that -- this isn't a threat, it's just an observation -- would be we are back to the old system."

I get that the BCS isn't exactly fair, but why in the wide, wide world of sports does the U.S. Government need to get involved with this? Is nothing immune from this type of this an appropriate way to spend OUR money?

As for a college national championship, why do we need it? All of the debate about the BCS bowl system presupposes that having one champion is to be desired? Why?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Federer well done!

Roger Federer won his 15th grandsslam title to become the all time leader in grand slam victories. A tremendous achievement. I find it interesting that Federer's total is rather similar to Nicklaus' total victories in Major golf tournaments. The games are so different. The nature of scoring in tennis, win a game by 2 points , win a set by 2 games, acts as a means of making sure the more dominant player wins. In any given period the top tennis player in the world rarely loses because the game is designed to specifically discover the better player.

Golf on the other hand has such a tight dispersion of scores with each stroke counted that even a small number of subpar holes takes one out of the lead quickly. A great player cannot take down a weaker player, except psychologically, because he doesn't directly play his competition. So a leser player on a great day has a chance beat anyone. Thus golf leads to a multiplicity of winners over a season. Unless you are Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods. The statistics for those two are so far superior to others that it makes moot the argument over who ae the greatest golfers.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Married, With Condo

When I opened the paper this morning, I was shocked to read that Steve McNair, former Titans qb, was found in a condo in Nashville, dead of a gunshot wound. This was too much to process. Steve McNair? Shot dead? Found in Nashville in a ... condo? Now, surely I should have immediately thought of his family and friends, of this shocking loss, but no, I fixated on the condo. What the...? A condo? He and his family lived in a condo? Oh, but read on. He did not "live" in the condo. He rented it with a friend and it just happened to be located near an upscale area of nightspots and restaurants. Now, McNair is married and has 4 kids. So what the f... is he doing renting a downtown condo with a buddy? LOVESHACK, anyone? Maybe his wife knew, maybe she didn't care, maybe she was glad to have him dogging someone else and giving her a rest. Who knows, but I generally find this behavior odious. Just get a damn divorce, or learn how to control yourself and GROW UP! And, to make an already horrible story worse, a 20-year old girl also was found dead, shot, in the condo with McNair, age 36. Sad, sad, sad ... in so many ways.


Times are tough. Workers are getting laid off, businesses are closing, people aren't spending. The list goes on. So, I bought a Wii. I won't bore you with how I rationalized this purchase. Suffice it to say that I hate to exercise but I love to play. Though I have only had the Wii for a few days, I have to say that it really is fun. So far, I have played baseball, tennis, golf and bowling and I stink at all of them. I actually got winded during the baseball training exercises (overswing much?). The package that I bought includes Wii Fit, which I haven't tried yet (smacks too much of "cardio workout"). I also haven't tried boxing yet, but I might do that today. I have avoided it because it requires use of not only the remote but also a nunchuck. (I soon will have mad nunchuck skills.) So, off Wii go. Game on.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


USA lost to Brazil, 3-2, in the finals of the FIFA Confederates Cup. USA led 2-0 at the half and then just got whupped in the second. No depth, no legs. Maybe by the time the world cup rolls around, they will have a little more of both.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

money, money, money!

No wonder college coaches get paid so much:
University of Texas athletics ranked first in the nation in both total revenue and football revenue in 2007-08, according a report released by Street & Smith’s SportsBusiness Journal.

Texas programs earned $120,288,370 in that period, including $72,952,397 from football. Georgia was second in football revenue, followed by Florida, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Auburn, Michigan, Alabama, Penn State and LSU.

The total revenue top 10 had Ohio State second, followed by Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee and Oklahoma State.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Those Okie Bastards Strike Again

OU has extended Bob Stoops' contract to 2015. The contract is worth 30 mil, payable at the rate of 3.655 mil per year plus an annual bonus in the neighborhood of 700k. Good grief! That is alot of scratch. I assume it isn't being paid by the taxpayers of Oklahoma, though come to think of it, they'd probably pay it gladly.

Ebony and Ivory

Ok, so this isn't sports related but both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, icons in their own ways, died today. Fawcett burst onto the scene with Charlie's Angels and the famous POSTER. Mildly talented and with a screwed up personal life, she nevertheless remained a recognizable public figure. And as for Michael Jackson, well I can't think of a sadder case. Ruined at a really young age by his whack-job father, he was an immensely talented but deeply troubled man. R.I.P., Farrah and Michael.

Shaq Traded to Cavs

Shaq traded to Cavs to try to get some help for LeBron. I like Le Bron and he needed some help.
I am not sure Shaq is fully up to it but it has a chance of working. Shaq should get about 50 dunks a game with LeBron dumping off to him.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Somewhere . . .

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout . . .

Because football season begins in 72 days:
9/5 - UT v. UL Monroe
9/5 - Tex. A&M v. New Mexico

Seminoles Get Chopped

I have seen little and heard less about Florida State being sanctioned for violations involving academic fraud. Here is what happened:

The NCAA determined that a former learning specialist, academic adviser and tutor gave "improper assistance" to Florida State athletes who were taking online courses. According to the NCAA, the former learning specialist typed portions of papers for at least three athletes and also provided answers to an online psychology course quiz by instructing another athlete to complete the quiz on behalf of the athlete enrolled in the course. (By Heather Dinich,

Probation, loss of scholarships, and forfeiture of games are included in the sanctions. Now, Bobby Bowden is suddenly way behind Penn State's Joe Paterno for most wins.

Does any of this come as much of a surprise? When I attended Harvard, I mean Texas A&M, I tutored football players. Let us just say that they needed plenty of tutoring. But I can say unequivocally that I was never asked to do anything improper...take a test, give answers, write papers, etc. Nonetheless, I wondered at the time how some of these fellows remained eligible. Oh, I almost forgot. It is BOOLEY, after all.


USA beat Spain today in Confederation Cup competition. Spain had not lost since 2006, enjoying a 15 game winning streak. Needless to say, the outcome was quite a surprise. USA advances to the finals, and will take on either Brazil or South Africa.

And the Guy Lewis Award goes to...

The LSU coach's strategic blunder sparked a new question that I would like to put to the booleyean faithful: What is the greatest strategic blunder ever made in coaching? The award has been named after Guy Lewis, in honor of his decision to bury his head in his towel as Phi Slamma Jamma squandered their lead and inexplicably went down to Jimmy V's NC State Wildcats in the 1983 NCAA basketball championship game.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And how about this moron?

Former NFL Quarterback Ryan Leaf turns himself in to authorities for burglary and drug charges.

Question: Top 10 sports morons ? ( I will be formulating my own list but this guy is in it.)

Cowboys Will Not Make Playoffs

This is not a promising sign:
Three Cowboy offensive lineman sign Heavy Metal deal.
All these clowns are busy being celebrities, Romo included. Even though they have done nothing but fail.

What a world, what a world . . .

LSU - 7
UT - 6

  1. Horns melt down in the top of the 9th -- lose winnable game and waste 5 HR's.

Can not carry on (unless a miracle happens tonight).

Monday, June 22, 2009

Glover Wins Open!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Go David!

David Duval is my rooting interest in the US Open.

Amateur career

Duval was born in Jacksonville, Florida. The son of former Champions Tour player Bob Duval, he graduated from the Episcopal High School of Jacksonville. He was the U.S. Junior Amateur champion in 1989. He continued his amateur career at Georgia Tech, where he was a four-time first-team All-American, two-time ACC Player of the Year, and 1993 National Player of the Year. After two years on the Nike Tour, he earned his PGA Tour card in 1995.

Professional rise and fall (and rise again?)

Success came quickly, as Duval posted seven second place finishes on the PGA Tour from 1995 to 1997, qualifying for the 1996 Presidents Cup and posting a 4-0-0 record for the victorious American team. But a PGA Tour victory eluded him until he won the Michelob Championship at Kingsmill in October, 1997, and winning his next two tournaments in the same month, including the 1997 Tour Championship. Altogether, from 1997 to 2001, he won 13 PGA Tour tournaments, including the 1997 Tour Championship, the 1999 Players Championship, and the 2001 Open Championship, as well as the 2001 Dunlop Phoenix and the 2000 World Cup (with Tiger Woods) internationally. He also tied for second in both the 1998 and 2001 Masters.

Duval's winning speech at the 2001 Open was welcomed by British commentators as "delightfully modest and heartfelt".[1]

Other career highlights include achieving the number one spot in the Official World Golf Rankings in April 1999 and shooting a 59 in the final round of the 1999 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic on the Palmer Course at PGA West in La Quinta, California (doing so in dramatic fashion by making an eagle on the 18th hole). When he won the Players Championship he became the first player in history to win on the same day as his father, Bob Duval, who won a Champions Tour event that same day. Before 1999, only two other golfers in PGA Tour history, Al Geiberger and Chip Beck, had posted a 59 in competition and no one had ever done so in a final round. He also played on the victorious 1999 Ryder Cup team, as well as the 2002 team. (from Wikipedia)

He was so great and then so bad all of a sudden. What I saw of him today was the same guy who used to rain iron shots on the flag, one putt and move on. Today he was hittinng them stiff. In the fourth round he just needs to do that again and nail those putts. He could easily have had 5 more birdies today. So could Tiger by the way but he too far back.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A perfect TV day

Here in Angel Fire, it is 54 degrees and raining. Gee I wish something was on TV. Gosh its the US Open. Conditions at the Open are tough. Rain, thick rough, long course. Awesome. Guys are missing puts, chipping over the green from bunker and rough like a bunch of hackers. I am building a fire in the fireplace, making some a pitcher of Bloodies and settling in.

The Championship Series: UT v. LSU

Losing 3-2 to Arizona State with one out in the bottom of the ninth, UT catcher Cameron Rupp homered to tie the game. With two outs, CF Connor Rowe hit a walk-off home run to give the Horns a 4-3 victory. UT advances to the 3-game championship series against LSU beginning Monday, June 22.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Football Begins.

For me, football season begins when Dave Campbell publishes.

The 50th Anniversary Issue is out.

Let Football 2009 begin. . . .

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

There is joy in Mudville!

Trailing 6-0 after 3, UT wins 10-6.

Pittsburgh, Philadelphia same thing

In response to one of my comments on the Pittsburgh renaming I received this from lonek8, who not only fulfilled my request but made an "example" of me.

Hawk of the Nile

Miss you, Dad. BBL,Sr: March 18, 1918 -- June 16, 2007.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Longhorns Eke By USM, 7-6

The Longhorns managed to beat the University of Southern Mississippi today in a College World Series baseball game and, boy, am I glad they did. USM deserved to lose, for one reason and one reason only: the way they wore their britches. OMG! I had to turn the channel. Congrats to the Longhorns, especially sbaskind. And what's up with metal bats? I hate those things. Why are they legal in college but not the pros? I know that the rules in college and pro sports often differ, but the equipment? Is there another sport where the equipment is different? In college football, the kickers use tees, I think, and they don't in the pros but off the top of my head I can't think of any others.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Longhorn Basketball

Texas junior forward Damion James has withdrawn from the NBA draft and will return for his senior season. The 6-foot-7½ James averaged 15.4 points and 9.2 rebounds per game last season.

With his return, Rick Barnes' club should be a legitimate Top 10 team nationally. Texas lost leading scorer A.J. Abrams and Connor Atchley, but the Longhorns bring back James, big man Dexter Pittman, forward Gary Johnson, wings Justin Mason and Varez Ward and point guard Dogus Balbay.
Barnes will also have Florida transfer Jai Lucas, who will contend for the starting point guard spot, at the semester break.

Texas will also add wings Avery Bradley, Jordan Hamilton and Shawn Williams — all legitimate Top 100 players in the Class of 2009.

PS lsquared, see how I am upgrading the class of your blog.



Aggies win Men's and Women's Track and Field Championship!

At least I think they did if I read the story right.