Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Sic Uncle Bill On Him


Ladarius Brown of Waxahachie, Texas could play either safety or wide receiver at the next level.
His breakaway speed and soft hands netted him a 26.1 yards per catch average as a junior.
The Sooners, Aggies, Cowboys and Florida Gators all want to make him their primary deep threat. A&M and Okie State have extended offers.
Brown has visited College Station a few times, digging the resurgent vibe of the young, athletic players at A&M.
Brown is also receiving interest from Alabama, Texas Tech, Houston and TCU. Florida expected him to visit for the recent spring game—no word on whether that materialized.
That he might favor an up-and-coming program over a firmly entrenched one tells me the Aggies, Cowboys and Red Raiders have a legitimate chance of topping the big boys on this one. I like the Aggies to keep their 2010 recruiting momentum alive with another promising athlete.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Master's Week

I love the Master's tournament. Somehow it seems to bring out drama. I also hope Tiger wins it by 20 strokes. I also hope instead of a"going to Disneyland" , he says he is going to a strip club. i am so sick of these holier than thou reporters talking about his infidelities. Elin deserves all the apologies Woods can muster , but everyone else can take a flying leap.

image from About.Com

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NCAA Tiltle Game

Does anyone remember seeing a better NCAA Championship game? I was rooting for Duke because my idiot brother in law (that doesn't narrow it down), the younger of my idiot brothers in law went to Duke. But it was hard not to root for Butler. This was the best tournament in years.