Saturday, October 31, 2009

Further Sports Reporting


I L L - I N I

I almost wish that the Illini would have lost, so I could move on with Ron Zook and his non-coaching coaching style. Anway, at least I can give the Michigan fan at work a bunch of crap.

More Sports Reporting: Aggies Win

The Aggies Win! The Aggies Win!
The Aggies beat Iowa State 35-10.
Opinion: If the Aggies keep getting better and beat UT this year, I am holding lsquared personally responsible.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sports Reporting

I resent Oxey's attack on my blog posts.

I am a sport reporter -- which is self-evident by my blog postings.

Oxey just can not deal with another Aggie defeat by the Horns.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Triumphs Over Evil . . .

Tonight (10/28/09) the Lady Longhorns (currently ranked No. 1) smashed the Girl Aggies in Volleyball, 3 - 0! All is well.


Are we supposed to feel sorry for this guy? I understand that he was "generous" for friends and family alike, but there are no excuses for pissing away that much money. If anyone would care to fund a study of this by giving me 110 million, I would be happy to oblige........

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I rest my case . . .

Above is a picture of Phillips with his new "girlfriend." Is this what you would have expected when you heard that a 50 year-old guy (who was an ESPN TV MLB-commentator and former Mets front office guy) had an affair with a 22 year-old ESPN employee while married to his wife and mother of his 4 sons? After seeing this (and to quote the can't-be-wrong so-called lsquared) perhaps an "unseen force" did indeed get "ahold of his penis."

Monday, October 26, 2009

When A Girl's Gotta Rant, A Girl's Gotta Rant

The sordid antics of ESPN baseball analyst, Steve Phillips, flooded the sports radio airwaves in Dallas  last week and  spawned a heated debate among several of my male business partners and me.  At lunch today, one of my partners mentioned that Phillips had been fired.  While one of my partners kept his mouth shut (wisely), the other two launched into a discussion of why any man would risk his job, his marriage, and his reputation for a girl who is so...plain.  They explained that when you hear that a 50-year old married man is having an affair with a 22 year old, you quite naturally expect the girl to be a hottie, which this girl isn't (in their view).  Finally, feeling the need to say something scathing and brilliant, I said with authority "MEN!"

Here is what a friend of Phillips said:

“Steve Phillips is not a sleazebag. He’s a good guy who just fell off the wagon… Whatever he did wrong, it wasn’t under his control or he wouldn’t be checking himself in for help. He knows he needs help and wants a life with his family — that is paramount to him above everything else.”

It wasn't under his control?  Oh, I get it, some unseen force got ahold of his penis and he was a helpless victim.  Poor, poor man.  There seems to be an epidemic of this going around, doesn't there?  So now this dumbass has checked himself into a facility to get help dealing with his issues (like terminal stupidity and serial adultery) (yes, he has done this before).  Here is an idea for you, Mr. Phillips:  GROW UP AND QUIT BEING A SELFISH BASTARD.

If You Can't Watch It, Read About It

In the last month or so, I have read 2 really good sports books.  One is The Blind Side by Michael Lewis, whose other works include Moneyball and Liar's Poker.  The overarching story here is how the position of left tackle became a premiere position in the NFL and, as a consequence, in college ball.  But the real story, and the story the keeps you reading, is about a young boy from Memphis who is rescued from abject poverty and unspeakable neglect to become a highly sought recruit and a first round NFL pick at the position guessed it...left tackle.  The young boy is Michael Oher and he this year is starting as a rookie with the Baltimore Ravens.  This book touches on too many subjects to detail here (public education, college recruiting, the NCAA, poverty among them) and includes fascinating bits of NFL history.  Well worth the read.  And by the way, it has been made into a movie starring Sandra Bullock, coming out in November, I think.

The second book is The Match by Mark Frost.  This book recounts a 1956 golf match between amateurs Ken Venturi and Harvie Ward and professionals Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson.  The writing is exquisite, which makes this book worth reading even if you have no interest in golf.  But if you like golf even a little bit, you must read this book.  Compelling storytelling and insightful mini-biographies of the main players lift it above the ordinary nonfiction yawn.  On top of all that, Frost gets into golf course design and the high-level's golf move from amateur to pro.  Really fascinating.   As for me, I most enjoyed the Hogan and Nelson stories.  Two admirable men and two incredible golfers.  My dad would have loved this book.

Sam I Am

As predicted, and once again proving the greatness of me, Sam Bradford has announced that he will be having surgery and then coming out for the NFL draft.  I know nothing about the success rate of shoulder surgery.  Will he be what he was before the injury?  Will he get picked in the first round?  Will anyone pick him to immediately start or will someone with a seasoned QB (New England?) take and groom him for the future?  And, do you think Stoops even wanted him back?

Ware a Cowboy til 2015

The Cowboys will have Demarcus Ware until 2015, having today extended his contract.  Looks like he's getting a ton of dough, 40 million of which is gay-rone-teed (as Justin Wilson used to say).  I believe that is the biggest guarantee that Jerry "Its My Actual Hair" Jones has given.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fruit Basket Turnover

Texas Tech whupped K State, K State whupped Texas A&M, and then...surprise, surprise...Texas A&M whupped Texas Tech.  This reminds of last year's Texas-OU-Tech dilemma, only with K State, Tech, and A&M, the national title isn't on the line (drat it).  Actually, I care about none of that.  I simply am filled with the most wonderful feeling of glee.  The Aggies haven't beaten Tech in some time and after being thoroughly thrashed by Arkansas and embarassed by K State, the Aggies came back and managed to win.  The Aggies, bless em, can score if not facing a good defense, it seems.  So now we face Iowa State (who surprisingly beat Nebraska this week), Baylor, Colorado, OU, and Texas.  Yikes.  Best case: wins over Iowa State, Baylor and Colorado;  absolute destruction by OU and Texas.  Worst case:  absolute destruction.  Whatever happens, I am proud of them for not quitting, for continuing to fight.  Gig em.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Starkle, Starkle, Little Twink.

Was Billy Gillespie fired for being drunken loser, a surly lech with no interpersonal skills, or a bad coach? Or maybe all 3? In any event, his attorney reports that after receiving a disappointingly low settlement offer, Gillespie reluctantly sued The University of Kentucky. Apparently, U of K realized the error of its ways and this week settled with Gillespie for 3.25 million. That should be enough to keep the coach in peppermint schnapps for the foreseeable future.

The Return of the B.G.

Here is what I realized: I have more to say when I don't watch the games than when I do watch. And here's why: when I watch, I feel that I must impart pithy and insightful analysis, of which I have none. However, if I don't watch, my comments don't have to be limited by knowledge. In other words, I can be a complete Bloviating Gasbag (but in a good way). So, here are my observations regarding today's games, which I haven't watched (or won't later):

Texas-OU: wtf? I love Colt McCoy, and last year he earned my everlasting respect, but this year he just hasn't had it. Dude, get with the program. And despite having espoused the venal "if you can't beat 'em, hurt 'em" philosophy in the past, I really don't wish any player harm. So, I sincerely regret Bradford getting hurt again. Prediction: shoulder surgery and out for the year, with the concomitant drop in the NFL draft.

USC-Notre Dame: Is it possible for both teams to lose? Detest them both: arrogant, California pretty boys vs. pretentious, holier-than-thou Golden Domers. Yuck.

Arkansas-Tebows: before I read the betting line in the paper this morning, I thought that the Hogs might give the Tebows a battle. Possibly my opinion is colored by the thrashing the Hogs gave my Aggies, but the line is HUGE in favor of the Tebows. Still and all, GO HOGS.

Iowa-Wisconsin: I like Iowa (aka Idiots Out Walking Around), don't ask me why. I like the coach, too. As for Wisconsin, too boring to even have thoughts about. I pick Iowa (and I haven't seen the score).

Alabama-South Carolina: Alabama will kill South Carolina, not only because the Bama defense is scary, but Spurrier is an arrogant ass and I never pick him to win. Another example of my keen analysis.

Illinois-Indiana: the inept verses the incompetent. Yawn.

And, saving the best for last:

Texas A&M-Kansas State: Two not-so-great teams with similar records. Game is at K-State, so that gives them an edge. Aggies QB Jerrod Johnson is 3rd in the nation with 356 yards per game and defensive end Von Miller leads the country in sacks (9) and is 6th in tackles for a loss (11), so the Ags have a few positives. Also, having been suckled on Aggie Koolaid, I see improvement in the young players (6 starting freshmen) though perhaps not enough in the o-line, which is dismal. But, still, I say that the Aggies will............WIN!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Was this the work of lsquared?

Oh Dear!

They really did nuke-the-moon.

Who could be behind this?


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Withdrawn Predictions for Aggies

I withdraw all prior predictions and bow down to the greatness of the predictions of lsquared.

I see now that it is hard to be an Aggie fan.

PS Oxey, it was nice to see you.

The Aggie game I saw was great.

I was channel surfing and came across the Aggie Arkansas game on espn. Very unexpected since i never get much big12 up here unless it is Longhorns or Sooners. I saw the defense get a stop, a fair catch by our punt team, and a couple of unimpressively blocked running plays where the Aggie back actually still gained some yardage. Then lo and behold the Aggie QB scrambles left spots a kid way dwn field and hits him perfectly with an awkward but almost effortless pass for a touchdown.
Bang the score is 10 -0.
I changed the channel and never looked back. A great football day!