Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Renewed Predictions for the Aggies

Previously, I fearlessly predicted the Aggies would go 9-3 this year. The so-called lsquared (she of little or, perhaps, no faith) scoffed at my prediction. Now that the Aggies are are 3-0, they only need 6 more victories for me to be proven correct. More importantly, it would prove lsquared wrong, which is my daily goal. So, here's how the Aggies will be 6-3 in the next 9 games. K-State (3-1, with wins against N. Dakota State, Kent State, and Army) and Iowa State (2-2, losing to U. La.-Laf.) should be sure victories. Baylor has lost its super-star QB for the year. Colo (1-2, having lost to Toledo) is not good. So I predict 4 more victories (K-State, I-State, Baylor and Colo) for a total of 7. That leaves Ark., Ok. State, Tx. Tech, OU, and UT. Ark (1-2, but the two loses are to great teams Ga. and Ala.) has only beaten Mo. State. Ok. State and Tx. Tech do not appear to be as good originally thought. So I say 2 out of 3 victories in those games. That would be 9 victories. Then even if the Aggies lose to both OU and UT, they end up 9-3. So what do you say now lsquared or any other Aggie doubters out there?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Since I consider t.v. watching a sport, I will now report on some new shows: Glee--really good; The Good Wife---really good; Mercy---bad; Cougartown---bad and annoying; NCIS Los Angeles---not as good as the real NCIS, to which I am addicted (guilty pleasure); Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck---bad. Returning shows: NCIS---very good; Curb---good; House---good; Madmen---wonderful; Project Runway---really good; and Top Chef---really good; Castle---good (but I could watch Nathan Fillian iron napkins and think it was good). And of course, I am very much looking forward to the return of Dexter on Sunday. Have I mentioned that I lurve my DVR?

Cowboys' Stadium: The Death Star

The Cowboys' new Stadium is now being called the Death Star by local media. But whose death will it cause? The Cowboys?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Giants/Cowboys at Dallas Palace

The big story of course is the Nyark Grunts won. But what is missing is really important: the media did not cover the real story of the night. I thought their coverage of the luxury suites for the rich and famous was abysmal. One, they didn't show one single luxury suite other than through the window of Gene and Laura yukking it up, or W and John trading stories......or the Jones boys smilin' and laughin' and grimacing an dying. I was totally put off that they didn't show the bathrooms in the suites nor the great catering that's done in this very special "palace of pain." I don't know about you but I was pained. Yes, catering is high art in Texas. There are several ways to prepare and present Bush's Beans with the brisket that I'll bet not one Nyarker knows. It could have been a school lesson for all the deprieved in the East. Media blew it a thousand ways.
Since Dallas' uniforms out class the Grunts, their should have been more mention of that and less of the fact that the Nyarkers think of themselves as Joe Lunch Pail kind'uv players. Why would anyone want to pull for common laborers? Then I think back to Emmit Smith, with a totally undone shoulder, plowing through the Nyarkers to take us to a Super Bowl and I wonder if my keel is straight. Maybe I've lost my way, what I love is a running game with power and finesse.....and that is exactly what Daboys delivered. And we lost? I was considering the fact that something in the first half caused me to think of Halloween.....and I was right. It came more than a month early. Dorko the Humble

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where the hell are we recruiting?

I am glad to see the Ags won. Especially against a team that has lost its last 8 road games, but, our star is Uzoma Nwachukwu?

Saturday, September 19, 2009


My dad would be ashamed of me today because I am relishing USC's loss to Washington, thereby being a really bad sport. (Dad encouraged us to demonstrate good sportsmanship--graciousness in both victory and defeat, etc. Personally I prefer bbljr's definition, which he shared with me when I was a child: being a good sport means "don't cheat". As you might expect, graciousness sometimes wasn't apparent in bbljr's play.) I don't know why I despise USC but I most assuredly do. I'd be happy if they never, ever won another game in any sport. Sorry, Pop.

As I am writing this, Va Tech just beat Nebraska coming from behind in a last minute drive. Unbelievably exciting, though I was for Nebraska.

Now the serious business begins and I must start tracking the Ags. In less than an hour, the Texas-Tech game begins, so I'll being watching that, tracking the Aggies on the computer, and finishing a fantastic book called "The Match" (which I will post about after completion. I know you can't wait for that.)

College Football: Week Whatever

Here is how you avoid college football frenzy: do NOT watch College Gameday on ESPN. After 2 hours of Chris. Lee, and Kirk, I'm fired up about games like Ball State-Army and Indiana-Akron. Ok, admittedly Corso can be a little hard to take but looking at Kirk makes up for it. So here are some of my predictions for today:

The Tebows stomp Tennessee
Notre Dame beats Michigan State, drat it
Cincinnati beats Oregon State (just cause)
Mormons over Seminoles
Hogs top Dawgs
Horns over Red Radars, with apologies to Dorko
Aggies over Mormonettes
Whomever over the Illini, with apologies to Drumski, unless the Illini are off, in which case it may be close

While waiting for the more interesting games to begin, I am watching Cal v. Minnesota and Minnesota ought to lose just because of their uniforms: one of the top five ugliest uniforms in the history of ever.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Talk about bad luck. My Bro-in-law and his wife are coming to visit on Saturday, but want to meet to shop.....their favorite sport. Now I'm gonna be walking around Taos sticking my nose in every bar until half time. After that the T-Sips will be so far ahead I won't want to know anymore.

Crabtree has been treed by his agent whose only wish is $$$$ with lots of zeros. He better get his act together and get a deal done or he may have a hell of a time in the future in the NFL. Such a waist of talent, I could have been his agent.

Signed, Dorko the Humble

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Dorko Cometh

Greetings and salutations to Dorko the Humble, our newest contributor. A Red Radar from dusty Lubbock, Dorko will bring his sandy insights to our otherwise (mainly) maroon and orange blog. We are really glad to have you, Dorko, especially in light of the Texas-Tech matchup this weekend. Speaking of which, I kinda wish this matchup wasn't so early in the season. Last year I went to Lubbock for the game (though I didn't get a ticket and ended up watching it on t.v.) and being on campus before the game reminded me why I lurve college football. It was absolutely electric. There was so much on the line. This year, not so much. Have to say, I think the Horns will roll. And Dorko, what is up with Crabtree? You need to go out to California and shake some sense into him.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random NFL Stuff

The Eagles have signed Jeff Garcia. And will someone please explain the appeal of the wildcat formation? Michael Crabtree continues to hold out. The guy is either really dumb, got really bad advice, or (as one of my partners believes) isn't healthy enough to play and doesn't want anyone to know.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Ho Hum! Federer's shot

Bad News Bears

As if the embarrasing play of the new franchise savior , Jay Cutler, wasn't enough the Bears found out this morning that Brian Urlacher's wrist is broken and he is out for the season. That is likely to loosen up ticket availability. This injury is unfortunate. Urlacher has been dealing with neck and back problems for a couple of seasons and had come into camp clear of problems and in great shape. Last night in the first quarter he was every where on the field till the injury.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

NFL Talk

Tampa Bay was a team that I expected the Cowboys to beat and they did. The win wasn't particularly glorious, but we take them where we can. Romo seemed off the first half and the run defense was stinko malo but maybe they drank a few beers at half-time because they played better in the second half. Receivers looked good, but I don't know if that is because they are good or because the Tampa defense had a few breakdowns. Who cares. I would like to have seen more of Felix Jones, though. Next week the Cowboys face the Giants. I just watched the Giants -Redskins game: pretty good D but fairly anemic offense.

Donovan McNabb broke a rib so we may be seeing Joe Mexico at QB once his suspension is complete.

Matt Stafford: 3 ints in loss to New Orleans.

Jake Delhomme: muy stinko malo. 4 turnovers, at least. I lost count.

Adrian Peterson: unreal. One of his t.d. runs will be repeated all year. I can't even begin to describe it, so look for it on the interweb.

Midway through the 4th, San Francisco is leading the Cardinals, 20-14. Being from Dallas, I hate the 49ers as a matter of principle, but I like Mike Singletary. I have no particular love for the Cardinals, but I do like Larry Fitzgerald, who is simply tremendous and who I covet for the Cowboys.

Tonight: Bears verses Packers. GO BEARS.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Bad

Nebraska killed Arkansas State, not Arkansas. Oops.

Tiger looking washed up.

Or rather, polished up. Bogeyed the first hole, and left one hanging on the lipof the cup on 16 to shoot 62. 62! It is enough to make one give up the game as some kind of magic trick.

Later That Same Day

If I were sbaskind, I would be driving around Dallas aimlessly right about now, turning the radio off and on every 15 seconds, cussing at irksome drivers, wondering why oh why didn't I go to a school without a football program, say...Mt. Holyoke or (bbljr's favorite) Little Sisters of the Poor. Anywhere but UT, which is barely leading Wyoming at the half. But hey, sbaskind, LISTEN UP: UT will win this, so just fill up the tank, put in a Beatles disc, pick up a cherry coke at Sonic, and try to relax.

Tennesse and UCLA are tied at 10. Of course, I hate all of the pretty-boy California schools but I don't much like Tennesse either, though I like it better now that that fool, Phil Fulmer, is gone. Plus the Vols usually have excellent wide receivers and defensive linemen who are fun to watch.

Why don't they just change the Florida mascot to the "Tebows" and get it over with. By the way, final score: Tebows 56, Troy-the-school 6.

I would rather watch Little Sisters of the Poor play Abilene Christian College than watch Michigan-Notre Dame. Yuck.

Big 12 news: Nebraska killed Arkansas. I hope the Hogs stay dead until AFTER the Aggies play them on Oct. 3.

Remember last week when I said that OSU looked beatable? Well, Houston is beating the Cowboys, 24-14, early in the 3rd quarter. However, OSU scored on the opening drive of the 2nd half and it is far from over. But for the moment, I am a FOOTBALL GENIUS.

As Kip Dynamite would say, peace out.

Hurry Up and Wait

Week 2 of college football and already something is bugging me: I hate it when the offense goes to the line, the QB approaches the center, the defense sets, and then the entire offense stands and turns to the sideline for new signals! Ack! COME ON! I get that the coaches want to see how the defense is lining up but this tactic is a total momentum killer...and a crashing bore for the viewers. I am, however, a big fan of the hurry-up or no huddle offense, and I think it is much more effective at keeping the defense confused. Yes, the hurry-up takes more discipline on the part of the offense but so what. Right now I am watching Troy (the school, not Aikman, though Troy-the-Aikman would have about as much chance as Troy-the-school) play Florida and Troy is using the annoying "look to the sidelines" strategy. Last week it was OSU using it against Georgia, if I recall correctly. Just makes me want to turn the channel. Unfortunately, my choices are lame (I was watching Iowa-Iowa St.---got to check out the Big 12, doncha know---but is was some kind of ugly football). Might have to go the Central Mich-Mich St game, which I could not care less about. Some good games later in the day, though, so I will just have to suffer my way through this b.s.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It Only Hurts When I Laugh

Oxey reports that he strained his achilles tendon jumping 6" to grab something over his head. I think that this injury is far lamer than my multiple Wii injuries, but he disagrees. All of which brings to mind some of the stupider injuries, which of course, can be further categorized into subsets of stupid injuries: show-boating stupid---Drew Pearson spiking the ball over the crossbar after scoring (knee), Gus Ferotte banging his head against a concrete wall after scoring (concussion); drunkenly stupid---Erik Williams car wreck (entire body); criminally stupid---Plaxico Burris shooting himself with an illegal handgun (leg); youthfully stupid---Ben Rothlesberger and Cullen Winslow Jr. crashing their motorcycles (miscellaneous broken bones and internal injuries). Any others come to mind?

Tennis, Anyone?

Did anyone watch any U.S. Open tennis over the weekend? I saw about 10 minutes of the match between Melanie Oudin and Robotic Russian #3. In case you don't know about Oudin, she is a 17-year old from Marietta, Georgia. She is 5'6", not a power hitter but a grinder who can flat cover the court. In the match I saw, she lost the first set 6-1. She won the second set in a tie-breaker after being down 5-3 (I think). In the third set, she was up 5-2 when Russian #3 broke her serve. Oudin then broke back, won the set 6-3, and advanced to the quarter-finals. I just love her! Now I wish I had seen the entire match, but I probably couldn't have stood it. Anyway, send good thoughts out into the universe for this little girl...maybe she can win another. And by the way, she wears these totally cool pink and yellow Adidas sneakers. I want me some.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The End is Here

Here are some of the people who got waived, released, or terminated by NFL teams over the weekend: Maurice Purify, Brooks Bollinger, Billy Cundiff, John David Booty, Rhett Bomar, Zach Thomas, Chase Daniel, David Tyree, Joey Harrington, and Jeff Garcia. Lots of QB's on that list. As for the Cowboys, they finally have given up on Isaiah Stanback. Rudy Carpenter, free-agent QB, was released but is expected to be picked up for the practice squad. Aggie Stephen McGee is hurt, but still on the team. Question: is Bobby Carpenter worth keeping? He just seems a step late on everthing.

Big 12 Rocks it in Week One

With one ginormous exception, all Big 12 teams playing yesterday won. The exception? OU. Say what? Of course, the SEC did well, too, with only Georgia losing (to the Big 12's OSU). Apropos of nothing, SMU and North Texas won, also.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Observations

Sorry, Drumski, but the Illini looked B-A-D today. Yikes. Am now watching OSU v. Georgia. Close game, so sorta fun. Georgia has a good D, but offensively shot itself in the foot, repeatedly. OSU looks beatable to me; in other words, still a second-tier Big 12 team (though it looks like OSU is going to win this one). At halftime of the Ohio State-Navy game, Lou Holtz said that Charlie...uh, whats-his-name...of Notre Dame is the most underrated football coach in the country. Think about that one. Gotta go but looking forward to OU v. BYU tonight. Admittedly, I have mixed feelings. Since my team is in the Big 12, I generally cheer for Big 12 teams, because I want the conference to look good. But I HATE, HATE, HATE OU, and though Stoops is good (I guess), I don't like him much either, arrogant ass that he is. Of course, I don't like BYU either (flashback to A&M playing BYU in a bowl game and separating both of Ty Detmer's shoulders). So go Sooners, I guess, sorta (but if they lose...YAY!)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh, the Antici...pation

College football starts tomorrow! (Ok, so it started yesterday, but that doesn't count. I watched a little of the S. Carolina v. N.C. State game, hoping to see Spurrier get his rear kicked. Didn't happen, drat it.) But the real stuff happens tomorrow: Georgia v. OSU, OU v. BYU, Texas v. a direction in Louisiana, and...drumroll please...Texas A&M v. New Mexico. I just love, love, love college football. In fact, I lurve college football, lurve being several degrees stronger than love, like turning it up to 11. So...gig 'em and hook 'em and grill 'em and cook 'em. BOOLEY rules!