Monday, September 14, 2015

Play Ball

I only got to see the first half and the final 4 minutes of the 4th quarter because the axis of evil aka ESPN/ATT/DIRECTV changed channels on me.  Of course, by the time that happened the game was won and the Aggies were playing the water boys and equipment girls.  Some observations;

1.  Ricky Seals Jones, who I was cussing last week, looked good.  He made at least 2 difficult catches of badly thrown balls and ran some good routes.  Nice to see.
2.  But for a couple of iffy throws early, Kyle Allen looked good.
3.  The secondary was exposed when the backup D-line was in.
4.  Speedy seemed to have racheted it up a notch.
5.  Kirk is still great.
6.  Glad we didn't have to punt much.
7.  Loved seeing Mack run down the Ball State running back during the last four minutes.  Great, great hustle in a game that was done.
8.  Glad that once the game was in hand, A&M played lots and lots of backups in order to get them some reps.  Hopefully, we will be able to do this next week as well.
9.  Arkansas:  HAHAHAHAHA

BTHO Nevada!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Even Mother Would Call This Ugly

Texas A&M Aggies Klew Thematic Ugly Sweater - Maroon

Can I get Kickstarter funding to buy these for the entire family?

Hail to the Chief

As you may have noticed, I have kinda given up on this whole blog thing but now that college football season has begun I feel compelled to remark upon the Texas A&M-Arizona State game.  I watched the entire game Sunday morning (can't watch it live---get too nervous) and here are some thoughts:
1.  Holy Shit!  We played some defense.
2.  Garrett and Hall are friggin awesome.
3.  Chavis was a great get.
4.  Christian Kirk is great and will get greater. 
5.  Do we have any running backs besides Carson?  He did great....ran tough, picked up the blitz...but he cannot carry that load for an entire season.
6.  Our punter is REALLY good.  (Read this morning that the injury isn't too bad).
7.  Ricky Seals Jones is a big disappointment.  I don't think he is very smart.
8.  I was a little disappointed in the o-line but, as Oxey suggested, the ASU defense is pretty good.
9.  Not worried about the QB play---will improve.  Thought Allen kept his composure quite well after getting pulled.  Murray was impressive  but he sure is small.
10.  Kudos to Brandon Williams for agreeing to switch to defense.  Hope he picks it up and excels.
11.  YAY!

Here is some analysis of Ball State, our next opponent.  Now I must go online and buy some Aggie paraphernalia.