Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NCAA Tiltle Game

Does anyone remember seeing a better NCAA Championship game? I was rooting for Duke because my idiot brother in law (that doesn't narrow it down), the younger of my idiot brothers in law went to Duke. But it was hard not to root for Butler. This was the best tournament in years.


  1. Plus, it was his birthday. What a nice gift!

  2. With apologies to the idiot brother-in-law, I was for Butler all the way. Such a great story.

  3. Missed it entirely but heard it was a great game.
    Best one I remember in my dotage was UCLA vs Memphis. I don't even remember the score though it was a great game. What I remeber is Bill Walton, whom I have never liked,played the greatest game I have ever seen anyone have. Numerous blocked shots and assists, 20 of 21 from the fiels and the miss was a wild lob pass he could barely reach so he blocked toward the rim, and all of this with 4 fouls early in the second half.
    I am regretting having missed this one.