Sunday, July 11, 2010

While Watching the World Cup Finals

Seems like the Netherlands is playing much more physically today than before in the tournament.  Unfortunately, many of their "challenges" look like total cheap shots.  Can there be any excuse for that kick to the chest?  I wish, however, that the Spanish wouldn't all drop to the ground as though they've ruptured their spinal cords.  Just get up and keep playing.  "Shake if off" doesn't seem to be in the soccer vocabulary.  It does seem as though the Netherlands' strategy is throwing Spain off-stride a bit, though.  Second half ought to be fun.


  1. The color guy of the broadcast said that if the Netherlands Robben and fallen after being fouled in the penalty box instead of trying for the glory of scoring, that he would have been given a penalty kick. Take a dive instead of a shot? Pussies. Robben then went on a hysterical rant and was given a yellow card for crying.
    I wish hockey players played soccer.

  2. Card 'em for diving, card 'em for ranting, and card 'em for being p.....s.

  3. i was glad to see Spain win it and on a quality goal at that. Great pass and an excellent shot on a high bounce. FIFA now needs to review the films and fine any fakers, fine them big. That would certainly help the referees.