Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ryder Cup At Medina

The Ryder Cup has become one of my favorite events.  The players feel far more pressure than normal. The pressure of supporting teammates, and pain of loss introduced in this format.
I couldn't watch much Friday but I did see the last 3 holes of the match between Woods and Stricker against Colsaerts and Westwood. Woods makes 5 birdies on the back including 16 and 17 and just slips past another on 18 which would have tied halved the match was out done by Colsaerts, who in his first Ryder Cup match
made 8 birdies and an eagle.  A fantastic round of putting. These were not a bunch of short puts either. I watched the highlights later and this had to be 200 feet of putts. Medina has not seen a putting round like that since Dave Cardwell in the Mid 90's.


  1. Did you mean "putting" or "cussing" when referencing Dave Cardwell.

  2. Well I enjoying a lesson in forestry during that round but I do remember some colorful commentary. Although as I recall it may have been mine. It definitely involved a Texas accent. So be it!