Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Just Wait Until Next Year

THIS (click on the word "this"---it is supposed to be in a different color) is sort fun...a shoot around on coaching positions.Of course, some are moot by now.
Aggies were sooooo disappointing.
Watched a ton of football over the weekend and offer these observations:

1.  U of H was impressive.
2.  Iowa was boring.
3.  Ohio State finally showed up.
4.  Yay, Stanford!
5.  Florida is B-A-D, stinko malo as my mother used to say.
6.  Speaking of stinko malo.....Horns.
7.  Baylor-TCU was the second worst game I've ever seen.  The first-worst was the 1992 Cotton Bowl featuring Florida State and Texas A&M.  It rained.  There were 13 turnovers and 17 penalties.  The final score was 10-2, Fla State.  And I WAS THERE.  It was horrendous.  (By the way, is there such a thing as the "second worst"  anything?)

I am sure that I had many, many more incisive insights but I can't remember them. 

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