Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finally. College Football Begins.

HAHAHAHAHA!  Houston beat California pretty boy Bruins.
Oh, I forgot to mention that COLLEGE FOOTBALL HAS BEGUN.  Thank you, sweet baby Jesus.

A few random thoughts:

Beware the Bear.  Baylor beat TCU in a gutbusting, swashbuckling, sidewinder of a game.  No defense, but what an impressive offense.  Speaking of Baylor's defense, the coordinator is Phil Bennett.  An A&M grad, he has been at TCU, OU, LSU, A&M, SMU as head coach, and many others.  Still has a little work to do at Baylor.  The scheme is permanent nickel:  5 DB's at all times.  Interesting.  On offense, Robert Griffin looked really, really good but I wanted to slap the color commentator each time he called Griffin "RG3".  That was getting on my last good nerve.  Also, TCU has new uni's...sort of cool stencil effect on the numbers, but the "6" looks like a "G". 

No surprises with the Ohio State, Alabama, and Michigan wins.  Some new coaches:  Ohio State, Michigan, Stanford, West Virginia, Maryland, Florida. 

Watched most of College Gameday on ESPN.  That is a good show, except for that merkin-wearing Lee Corso.  It is past time for that guy to hang it up.  He is the talking version of scrabble.  Oy.

Tonight Oregon meets LSU and Boise State plays Georgia.  Last year, I thought LSU was more lucky than good...undiscplined with no heart.  Then I watched them vivisect the Aggies in Cotton Bowl.  So now I am not so sure.  I think LSU should beat Oregon...I will always pick SEC over Pac 10 (and not because A&M is going there) but I do so here with reservations.  Likewise, I don't feel super-confident in picking Boise State over Georgia, especially with the game being played in Atlanta.  I just don't trust Georgia, even though the coach is very good-looking.  So, Boise State it is.

Tomorrow, the Aggies play the Mustangs.  Aggies should win and I pick them to win.  Texas plays Rice.  Ho hum.


  1. It's the most wonderful time of the year......

  2. Congrats on the Illini win, Drumski!

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  4. Great TCU/Baylor game. Boise rolling Georgia was fun. Last year for Mark Richt. Go Ags.