Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mighty, Mighty Aggies Play Today

 As I wait for the Texas-UCLA game, I am watching Clemson and Auburn battle it out.  I have seen only a bit of the second half, but right now Clemson is taking it to Auburn.  Clemson has an impressive true freshman receiver named Sammy Watkins.  Watch out for him.  Uh oh.  Clemson fumbled.

OU plays Fla St tonight, which ought to be fun.  Dallas sports guy, Randy Galloway, recommends betting the house on OU. 

Arizona - Stanford might be good later tonight as well.  But the game of the day is Your Heroes v. Idaho.  I am anxious to see if the Aggie defense plays better than it did against SMU.  Prediction:  mashed Idaho's.  (Of course, I can't watch because it isn't on t.v.)

As for Texas, I have to admit that I am looking forward to seeing the young QB's, McCoy and Ash, as well as Jaxson Shipley (don't you hate it when parents trick up the spelling of their children's names?  Good grief.)  It will be interesting to see if next season, McCoy emerges bulked up as his brother did a few years ago.  Little Shipley plays so much like his big bro...and he is FEARLESS.  I hope he doesn't get hurt playing with such abandon.

And for all you Red Radars, Tech meets the mighty New Mexico.  Er....

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