Friday, September 6, 2013

"D" GETS "F"

One week into the new season and I already am sick of JFF. (See the cover of Time magazine) From this point forward, I only am going to comment on his performance on the field, excluding trash-talking.  Against Rice, I thought he looked good.  Yay.

And now, for the rest of the story:  WHAT THE !!!! ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT THE DEFENSE?  That was Fugly with a capital "F".  I loathe the 3-man front, which worked not at all.  Where are our daylight pistol-whippers and BAMFs?  It was hard to watch.

Not that anyone cares, but I vow to do a little better on the posting.  Hope to do some predictions and name some bloviating gasbag (BG) nominees.  Speaking of which, I heard a little of the radio broadcast of the Aggie game and was reminded how truly awful Dave South is.  Here is a sample:  "Johnny is in the shotgun at the forty yard line and now he has the ball.  Oh, there is a man open and IT IS A CATCH.  Ok. Looks like a first down.  Johnny is in the shotgun at the 8 yard line....(time passes)...Touchdown!  At that brings us to the end of the half.  Stayed tuned for this message from Jolene's House of  Crawdads, located in downtown Bryan".   Honestly, I believe I could do a better job.   He isn't a BG, however.  He just isn't any good.  All hail mediocrity. 

Apropos of nothing,  Oxey and I were talking about the Georgia-Clemson game.  We agreed that the 3 teams who never fail to disappoint are Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas.  All recruit great atheletes but as teams, they just never seem to be as good as they should be. 

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  1. I once heard a joke about Tennessee football saying that they were planning to cover the field at Neyland Stadium with brown paper because the boys just looked so much better on paper than they did on the actual turf...that at least twenty years ago.