Monday, September 16, 2013

Variations on a Theme

Fans of the t.v. show The Wire (best show EVER) may recall a scene from an early episode where the dialogue consisted of variations of the f-word.  That was it:  variations of the f-word, the entire scene.
So, that pretty much describes my reaction to the Aggie loss on Saturday.  Effing effed-up effity eff!

As feared, the defense wasn't up to the task and, give Alabama credit, its offense exploited our defensive weaknesses, at will.  Honestly, it was hard to watch.  PLEASE, SOMEONE, MAKE AN EFFING PLAY!

Lesson:  we simply CANNOT make any mistakes on offense.  Unfortunately, we made two on Saturday and those two were the difference in the game. We should have won that effing game (see what I just have to cuss it out).  I can't decide if the first int was JFF's fault or not.  Didn't look to me like the receiver made a very good effort, but the ball was overthrown.  Still not quite sure what happened on the second one, other than the fact that the defender made a tremendous play running it back.

Mike Evans was a him and JFF was great but for...

Someone needs to beat Bama, which  is doable. But as Oxey says, if we can't play decent D, we don't deserve to be contending for the big prize.  We have SMU, Arkansas, and Ole Miss on the horizon.  We should beat SMU and Arkansas (I think....I don't know what the Hogs are up to this year).
Don't know much about Ole Miss but if the Rebels have any offense, we again will need to score LOTS of points.

Oh, well.  Still love the Ags, always will, remain proud of the no-quit effort, hopeful for the remainder of the season.  BUT....we should have won that effing game.  Effing gig em.


  1. I turned the game on watched the Aggies take the 14 to zero lead and turned off the TV. Told my souse that was as good as it was going to get. I did keep coming back an tuning in, but , I was right the first time. Time to begin recruiting top defensive
    lineman in high school right now. That offense can compete for number one. Defense cannot though it would not take many players to do it.
    The other thing to do is for all Aggie supporters to write Jimmy Jones getting him to hire NIck Saban to coach the Cowboys. Kill 2 birds with one stone.

  2. Defense definitely needs to be the focus of recruiting this year. Wasn't Saban an epic fail in the NFL? I have no idea if he'd try it again and yes, I know you were joking about that. Who do you think UT will get to replace Mac Brown? I think it would be fun to see what Mike Leach could do there.