Friday, August 29, 2014

Cool Kenny: Aggies 52, Gamecocks 28

My oh my!  That was a bit unexpected, wasn't it?  While I thought the Aggie offense would be good and capable of scoring 30 points a game, I didn't expect it to be so powerful (I know, I is only 1 game).  Hill was cool, calm,  collected and.....really, really good.  Receivers?  We got 'em.  O-linemen?  We got 'em.  Running backs?  We got 'em.  Defense:  We, er, we are getting one.  As prayed for by Ohfor, the Aggies got off to a powereful, aggessive start....not at all shitful (my new favorite word).  Gig em.

(As evidence of the high level of class exhibited by this blog, notice the absence of descriptors like limp and flaccid, etc as applied to the Lamedicks).


  1. Oh me of little faith. That was a thing of beauty. I am drinking the maroon cool aid now.

  2. Awesome! Kenny didn't surprise me that much but the rest of the team completely surprised me. Even the defense once someone explained to them it was also legal for the other team to throw deep.