Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The British Open

It is British Open week which is one of my favorite sports weeks of the year. I love to see the funky bounces on the British courses and how the players deal with it. Or how the weather can dictate the winner with a wind change or torrential rain.
I often think if I can win one championship I would pick the British Open. not the Superbowl, or the tour de frenchy, or the world serious. I used to say the World Cup but now lit i "the open"
how about you guys? Maybe the World Series of Poker which has the highest money payout? Naw, the Open.


  1. The Open at St. Andrews or the US Open at Pebble Beach. Wimbledon would be okay as well.

  2. Individual---Olympic gold medal, women's downhill,

    Team---Olympic gold medal, women's soccer (if it is still an event)

  3. p.s.--- I think standing on the medal stand as they play the national anthem would undo me

  4. I would most like to win So You Think You Can Dance. Or perhaps the Kentucky Derby, although I don't know how fast I could really run carrying a tiny little man. An Oscar or teh Lottery would also be nice.

  5. That may be the best comment ever.