Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Favorite Sport

Last weekend, I competed in my favorite sport: Movie watching. HP&HBP is great but I will say no more for those who have not seen it. There is nothing better than a sport that involves the consumption of popcorn, Dots, and Dr. Pepper -- except, of course, watching college football with Bud.
I realize I did not achieve the same calorie-burning level as the so-called lsquared, but at least I did not have to go to work this week needing to explain away various Wii-bowling injuries. More importantly, there are only 45 days until September 5 when we get U.La-Monroe @ UT, New. Mex. @ TA&M and N.Dakota @ TTech. -- six powerhouse teams.


  1. 6 if you count Texas 6 times.

  2. I wish A&M would hire Luna Lovegood as color commentator. The games certainly would be more interesting. As for favorite sports, don't forget power-napping. There is nothing better than napping on the couch on a cool, fall afternoon, college football on the t.v. (with teams you don't really care about and no Brent Musberger in the booth), and a warm blankie.