Sunday, July 19, 2009

Me, Myself, and Wii

As regular readers of this blog know, I recently purchased a Wii. In the few weeks that I have had it, I have strained muscles I had forgotten that I had. My most serious injuries (plural) were to my bobo. These injuries resulted from...drum roll, please...bowling. Anyway, yesterday I finally set up the Wii Fit board. The first thing you do with this little dealio is the body test, which tells you your weight, BMI, and after you do a couple of little balance tests, your Wii fitness age. So, I did all this stuff, just as instructed and my fitness age is...dirge, please...75. I am 55, but my fitness age is 75. 75. Wii --1, me--0. I unhooked the fitness board, threw it in the pool with the fitness disc, and drank a beer.

Not really. I tried to go on. I did a few of the balance exercises...slalom...I can ski, I thought, so I can do this, I thought. Wrong. Wii--2, me--0. Ok. Move on to soccer. I actually played freakin soccer, in college, for a college team. For 3 years. This I can do. Wrong. Wii--3, me--0. Ok. Screw it. Time for a beer.

Later that same day, a very fit, very very fit, much younger friend of mine came over to try it out to see if she and her husband should get one. Her fitness age was 59. Hahahahahaha. I felt so much better but she was NOT happy, with a capital NOT. She then tried slalom (fail), soccer (fail), tightrope walking (double fail). Now she is really NOT happy. Furthermore, she now is making excuses...this thing doesn't work right, this can't be right, blah blah blah. After I stopped laughing, I got out the instruction manual, just to indulge her. And guess what? The friggin board was facing the wrong way. Oops, my bad.

Today, I went through the whole thing again with the board facing the correct direction and guess what, my Wii fitness age is ... fanfare, please ... 40! I am excited, I am ecstatic, I throw my hands up in celebration and... thrust my fist into the spinning blades of the ceiling fan. Wii--4, me--0.


  1. so what you're saying is that you are just as fit as a 75 year old when moving backwards. When you are at the old fogies home, you can rub that in their faces. Also, just one more reason that I hate ceiling fans.

  2. also - I would like to add that the most strenuous workout (in all seriousness, no joking here) hat my tush gets is when I'm walking around hunched over picking up the toys. Since I do this quite often, I am at a total loss as to why I do not have a firm, bootylicious rump. Perhaps I am doing it backwards

  3. We have met the enemy and he is Wii.

  4. As those of you who read my blog know, I am technologically deficient. When we got our first scale that measured body fat I let my very fit friend, who was then training for the century bike ride around Wheeler peak, get on. Trouble is I had it set for a 6 foot 2 male. Poor Miranda's body fat was a whopping 55%. I did call to inform her of my mistake but she didn't forgive me for a while! Technology is trouble!

  5. Jen you are a birkenttock wearing, clove smoking, tree hugging hippy at heart. (oh and happy birthday now in case I do my usual and forget at the time.)
    My own experience with fitness has shown that larger clothes that fit better gains me the most compliments. Sometimes wellinto the single digits of compliments.

  6. So much for technology. I find that when I grab the fat around my middle, my gut, my back, and my thighs that no BMI, computer, or fitness trainer needs to give me a number for my body fat. I KNOW it is too much. I wonder also about a computer defeating me in any type of sports activity. I would just get mad and throw the whole component in the pool. My suggestion is get a 12 pack of Bud Lite - unopened - then use it to do curls, put it between my thighs and do leg lifts - then open the s.o.b. and start drinking heavily.