Saturday, August 29, 2009

Derek Jeter

Watching the white sox / yankees game for a few innings a moment ago (all the baseball I have seen this year) Hawk Harrelson remarked after watching Jeter get his 3rd consecutive single in 3 at bats: " I believe Jeter now needs only 14 more hits to pass Lou Gherig as the Yankees all time hits leader. I was stunned. I have always really liked the way Jeter plays ball; what a sound player he is and has been. But wow, all time hits leader for the Yankees? That is rarefied air. Congrats to Derek.

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  1. It seems impossible. But he has been with the Yankees his entire career. His post season record is incredible as well. He may be the greatest Yankee ever. Nah.

    I remember watching the Yanks in post season with Dad, Mom and Aunt Margy. Aunt Margy says "Sister, Don't you just know by looking at him that you wouldn't want to be his teacher" Mom says "Oh my yes". Dad and I just shrugged.