Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lightening Bolt

This guy is awesome. from Bloomberg:
Usain Bolt broke his own world record in the 200 meters, running 19.19 seconds at the track and field world championships in Berlin.

It’s the second world mark of the meet for Bolt, who topped his own 100-meter standard by running 9.58 seconds four days ago. He set the previous 200 mark of 19.30 seconds at the 2008 Olympics.

Amazing performance. What strikes me most is ran consecutive 100 meters without stopping at a pace 9.595 or only 15 thousands of a second slower than the world record 100 meter pace from two days ago. In other words he ran the 200 meters faster than anyone else in history has run a 100 meters.
The numbers seem small but he is lowering this record at a colossal pace. A Ralph Boston pace.


  1. he is unbelievable. I'm enjoying that he seems to be toying with people - only breaking teh records by a little each time. but I kind of wish he would go all out and just blow them all out of the water because it would interesting to see how long those records would stand.

  2. He is so fast he is gonna meet himself coming when he's going.