Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A plea from the frozen north

I have heard nothing, nada, zippo about the Cowboys camp. Up here it is cutler, cutler, cutler, what do you think of cutler. So what are folks talking about down there?
As for the bears, I think they are going to enjoy being in the division where Adrian Peterson and Percy Harbin score a gadjillion points and go to the superbowl and lose. ( it is minnesota afterall)

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  1. Tico, I have seen 2 of the preseason games. Romo has looked sharp and evidently had a good camp. There is an undrafted free agent wide receiver from Virginia (cavalier means butt monkey in french) who has had a great camp and is going to take a roster spot, probably from Stanbeck. Last years rookie crop is looking good as well. Felix Jones is incredibly explosive at running back and Tashard Choice is really good. Bennett the Aggie(aggie means fumble in any language) tight end is potentially the Terrell Owens of tight ends, great and flaky. Jenkins and Scandrick are playing well fighting for the 2nd corner spot. The offense looks good. The defense looks mediocre so far. They bring good pressure, but don't create turnovers.