Sunday, December 6, 2009

By the Hairs on Their Chinny Chin Chins

UT-13, Nebraska-12

To quote Shirley Temple:  "Oh my goodness!"  Where to begin?  The non-timeout?  McCoy's cavalier throwaway with just seconds left on the clock?  The absolutely dismal play of the UT receivers?  No, let's talk about the AWESOME Husker defense and their lineman, Suh.  That defense just wreaked havoc on the Horns' offense and McCoy.  As a Horns fan (at least for this game), I found it difficult to watch.  I was waiting for UT to adjust, for McCoy to beat the rush and hit Shipley in stride for a td, for Newton to bust loose...never happened.  Then there was that weird finish.  Oy.

Contrast the Bama-Tebow game, which was really exciting, with the UT-Nebraska mess.  Double oy.  I hope that in the next few weeks the UT coordinators come up with a plan, because Texas will have its hands full with Bama.

And, McCoy lost the Heisman with that performance.  Too bad, because I still think he deserves it.  No doubt, he didn't look good in the game, but he had no help, no time and nowhere to go.  Two of the interceptions weren't his fault, in my view.  But that last sequence of plays was awful.  And absent  an errant kick, a penalty, and the visual accuity of the replay officials, the Horns would have gone out with a whimper.


  1. I think McCoy wanted to make a play because settling for a kick meant he lost the Heismann. It may not even have been a conscious choice. Well that is gone but the National Title is still available. I had been hoping for a Tebow McCoy game as they have been the two dominant players for three years and they never played against each other.

  2. In an interview after the game, McCoy said he saw that he had 15 seconds on the clock so he wasn't worried (there wasn't 15 seconds after all). Also, he said he was trying to get to the right side of the field because his kicker prefers that side. Finally, he said that all he had to do was get inside the 30 because he knew the kicker was good from there. In the paper this morning, it was reported that Mac Brown was trying to call a time out but "couldn't" get it called before the ball was snapped.