Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stinkin' Cowboys

Who here thinks this group of punks can beat New Orleans, San Diego, Philly, Washington or any combination thereof?  Oxey thinks the coach should take a tip from the Giants and pull some starters, starting with Romo.  Is there a way to pull the coach?


  1. Romo had statistically the best game of his career. But what I will remember is missing 2 TD passes and dumping the ball short on 2 downs and giving the ball back to the Giants. Spencer would be another good benching. He is playing great but he blew a coverages that gave up TD, misread a screen and missed tackles for losses that kept drives alive. How about Barber. Fumble, 36 yards and general poor play. You can't play great and make bonehead plays.
    Send a message that these players are responsible.

  2. I was watching the first drive easily to midfield and then on 3rd and 2 Romo flips a pass to Bennet?? who reaches out like he has stumps and drops the pass. I turned it off because it is so representative of that team. They all have their little endorsement deals. They all have commercials. but none of them show any heart or any passion. Jerry needs to take a look at who really cares and who is cashing a check. Plus anyone with big perormance bonuses looming would be riding the pine if they are not playing their asses off. Also i would give 5 Roy Williams for one Dallas Clark or Welker out of the Patriots.
    These guys play like parakeets, flash and color but no substance. I am officially rooting for Brees for superbowl. (at least he is from Texas)

  3. bbljr---and if it weren't for Sean Slocum, Brees would have been an Aggie.