Saturday, December 5, 2009

While Waiting for the Horns and Huskers

Early in the season, Drumski suggested that Ron Zook should be fired from Ill-inois.  If that happens, who are some likely replacements?  As I recall, Zook went to Illinois after being fired from Florida.  In keeping with that scenario, here are 3 possibilities:  Bobby Bowden, Charlie Weiss, and Mark Mangino.

Oxey asks whether either Sabin or Meyer would go to Notre Dame if either wins the national championship at his present school.  I say "no", but he suggests that there is some appeal to making the move.  I will let him explain.

Oxey also observed that either Bama or the Tebows would have moidelized Cincinnatti or Pitt, who played a very exciting game earlier today.  Players are just in different leagues.

And I am obsessed with finding a defensive coordinator to replace Joe Kines, who is reported to be leaving A&M.  I wonder if the d-coordnator from TCU would consider a move.

Does Tebow seem a little subdued today?

This just in:  Arizona just beat the Condoms.  YAY!


  1. Tebow makes a mistake. Maybe his is not the son of God.

    I am getting nervous about the horns. For some reason I have a bad feeling so I am already thinking that 12-1 is awfully good.

  2. Fla loses. Tebow accounts for 309 of Fla's 335 yeards. No one else contributes. I must admit he is one of the greatest of all time. But he will not win the nat'l championship or heisman this year.

  3. Sabin totally out-coached Meyer. Bama was aggressive from the git-go, and with some new and unexpected looks.

  4. I would love to have Tebow on my team at any position. I think he could be an awesome linebacker.