Monday, October 26, 2009

When A Girl's Gotta Rant, A Girl's Gotta Rant

The sordid antics of ESPN baseball analyst, Steve Phillips, flooded the sports radio airwaves in Dallas  last week and  spawned a heated debate among several of my male business partners and me.  At lunch today, one of my partners mentioned that Phillips had been fired.  While one of my partners kept his mouth shut (wisely), the other two launched into a discussion of why any man would risk his job, his marriage, and his reputation for a girl who is so...plain.  They explained that when you hear that a 50-year old married man is having an affair with a 22 year old, you quite naturally expect the girl to be a hottie, which this girl isn't (in their view).  Finally, feeling the need to say something scathing and brilliant, I said with authority "MEN!"

Here is what a friend of Phillips said:

“Steve Phillips is not a sleazebag. He’s a good guy who just fell off the wagon… Whatever he did wrong, it wasn’t under his control or he wouldn’t be checking himself in for help. He knows he needs help and wants a life with his family — that is paramount to him above everything else.”

It wasn't under his control?  Oh, I get it, some unseen force got ahold of his penis and he was a helpless victim.  Poor, poor man.  There seems to be an epidemic of this going around, doesn't there?  So now this dumbass has checked himself into a facility to get help dealing with his issues (like terminal stupidity and serial adultery) (yes, he has done this before).  Here is an idea for you, Mr. Phillips:  GROW UP AND QUIT BEING A SELFISH BASTARD.


  1. He probably isn't a bad guy but, he is sure a bad husband. So pick one; be a horn dog or be a husband, these are mutually exclusive if done properly.

  2. Agreed. No excuses, take some personal responsibility here. I don't worry about this because I have the best wife ever, but seriously, stop blaming it on an addiction. It's called getting caught!

  3. having seen the picture above, I would say the "unseen force" is perhaps beer goggles.