Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sports Reporting

I resent Oxey's attack on my blog posts.

I am a sport reporter -- which is self-evident by my blog postings.

Oxey just can not deal with another Aggie defeat by the Horns.


  1. sbaskind, you are a cheeky monkey.

  2. "God I take it back; you do know what you are doing."---Dan Jenkins

  3. where did you get that picture of me?

  4. -I am not a monkey but my picture is indeed cheeky.
    -I accept the appointment as editor of the NYT because no actual news would be required for news, only opinion.
    -lonek8, I had no idea your picture was generally available in response to a google search under "short shorts" which is where I found this pic. I had to spend a good deal of time analyzing the search results to find this proper sports picture.
    -All of you are ignoring the sports reporting point thanks to oxey: The Horns beat the Aggies!