Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fruit Basket Turnover

Texas Tech whupped K State, K State whupped Texas A&M, and then...surprise, surprise...Texas A&M whupped Texas Tech.  This reminds of last year's Texas-OU-Tech dilemma, only with K State, Tech, and A&M, the national title isn't on the line (drat it).  Actually, I care about none of that.  I simply am filled with the most wonderful feeling of glee.  The Aggies haven't beaten Tech in some time and after being thoroughly thrashed by Arkansas and embarassed by K State, the Aggies came back and managed to win.  The Aggies, bless em, can score if not facing a good defense, it seems.  So now we face Iowa State (who surprisingly beat Nebraska this week), Baylor, Colorado, OU, and Texas.  Yikes.  Best case: wins over Iowa State, Baylor and Colorado;  absolute destruction by OU and Texas.  Worst case:  absolute destruction.  Whatever happens, I am proud of them for not quitting, for continuing to fight.  Gig em.

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