Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Return of the B.G.

Here is what I realized: I have more to say when I don't watch the games than when I do watch. And here's why: when I watch, I feel that I must impart pithy and insightful analysis, of which I have none. However, if I don't watch, my comments don't have to be limited by knowledge. In other words, I can be a complete Bloviating Gasbag (but in a good way). So, here are my observations regarding today's games, which I haven't watched (or won't later):

Texas-OU: wtf? I love Colt McCoy, and last year he earned my everlasting respect, but this year he just hasn't had it. Dude, get with the program. And despite having espoused the venal "if you can't beat 'em, hurt 'em" philosophy in the past, I really don't wish any player harm. So, I sincerely regret Bradford getting hurt again. Prediction: shoulder surgery and out for the year, with the concomitant drop in the NFL draft.

USC-Notre Dame: Is it possible for both teams to lose? Detest them both: arrogant, California pretty boys vs. pretentious, holier-than-thou Golden Domers. Yuck.

Arkansas-Tebows: before I read the betting line in the paper this morning, I thought that the Hogs might give the Tebows a battle. Possibly my opinion is colored by the thrashing the Hogs gave my Aggies, but the line is HUGE in favor of the Tebows. Still and all, GO HOGS.

Iowa-Wisconsin: I like Iowa (aka Idiots Out Walking Around), don't ask me why. I like the coach, too. As for Wisconsin, too boring to even have thoughts about. I pick Iowa (and I haven't seen the score).

Alabama-South Carolina: Alabama will kill South Carolina, not only because the Bama defense is scary, but Spurrier is an arrogant ass and I never pick him to win. Another example of my keen analysis.

Illinois-Indiana: the inept verses the incompetent. Yawn.

And, saving the best for last:

Texas A&M-Kansas State: Two not-so-great teams with similar records. Game is at K-State, so that gives them an edge. Aggies QB Jerrod Johnson is 3rd in the nation with 356 yards per game and defensive end Von Miller leads the country in sacks (9) and is 6th in tackles for a loss (11), so the Ags have a few positives. Also, having been suckled on Aggie Koolaid, I see improvement in the young players (6 starting freshmen) though perhaps not enough in the o-line, which is dismal. But, still, I say that the Aggies will............WIN!


  1. as usual lsquared is correct. the aggies will indeed win.

    mccoy did not have a good game but the defense saved the game. i will take it any way. i had a stroke and 3 heart attacks during the game before i located the gin. 6-0 and on to @ mo and @ oks

    maybe ark will beat fla, but tebow just threw a long td pass. yet it is 13-13 at the end of the third.

    by the way i too feel bad about bradford but i am having a giggle that big game bob is 3-3.

    boo usc. boo nd.

  2. Well, it isn't even half-time and the Aggies are behind 38-0. How is that even possible? Good grief.

  3. Well, I guess sbaskind and Dorko have reason to smile, as both the Horns and the Red Radars won today. Arkansas had its chances and Ineptiana beat Illcompetent. Tomorrow should be good because the Cowboys don't play and thus cannot lose.

  4. Or more properly, Indompetent defeated Illeptinois.

  5. How about just ILL.....

    I have never abondoned ship in my life....I'm a Cubs fan for Christ sakes!

    But, I'm seriously considering becoming an Alabama fan for the rest of the season. Roll Tide!

  6. We Aggies love our new orifice. Thanks Kansas State.

  7. Did we play Kansas State or the Steeler's?

  8. oxey, how many orifices do Aggies have?

  9. Drumski, I feel your pain. And though Oxey is a Bama Hater, I am for Bama over the Tebows in the SEC. Naturally, I favor Texas over all others (except the multi-orificed Aggies, of course).

  10. Aggies can only count to 10, 20 with their shoes off, 21 if they are naked and males(difficult to tell given the nature of our emasculated football program). So I can only say that we have more than 21 orifices and counting (Tech, OU, tu).

  11. Maybe the Ags and the titans can have a stink-off.