Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jerry Jones is Gnashing His Teeth About Now

Who'd a thunk that in the year that Arlington hosts the Super Bowl, it would also be hosting the World Series?  And that it would be the Rangers and not the Cowboys who are the talk of the town? 

I have to admit that I was a lapsed Rangers fan until .... NOW!   Forget the years of ineptitude in playing, pitching, coaching, and ownership.  These Rangers are GOOD and so fun to watch.  And don't they seem to be having a great time?  I just love Elvis, Ian, Michael, Nelson, Vlad, Josh, Benjie...and Cliff and Colby and....Ron and J.D. and Nolan and...just WOW! 

Since I know almost nothing about the Giants and the Phillies, I have no thoughts on who I would prefer us to play in the WORLD SERIES (Let me just say that again:  the WORLD SERIES).  Thoughts?


  1. These Rangers are Awesome. Timely hitting, aggressive base running, decent defense and dominant pitching. Bet best of all seems to be camaraderie. They do have fun. If they continue to play as they have they will be nearly impossible to beat.
    It would be easy to write off the Cowboys, but the NFL is so bad that anybody who can put a streak (winning, that is) has a chance. Turnovers can be bad luck, but penalties are bad discipline, and the Cowboys have lacked both. Luck can change but discipline takes.... discipline.

  2. Dr. Dave, who is a HUGE and knowledgeable Rangers fan told me he'd rather play the Giants (this was before the Giants won the series with the Phillies). Well, he got his wish and I sure hope he is correct.