Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sports Flopalalooza

Well, so much for the greatest sports weekend ever.  Aggies lost, Rangers lost (twice), Cowboys lost.  The only good news is that Bama lost, though I wish it could have been to someone other than Coach Jackass Spurrier.  SC looked good, though.  I have seen them play a few times but until yesterday, I wasn't that impressed.  But could they please get a new mascot?

Speaking of mascots, the other day Oxey and I were talking about best and worst mascots.  We decided that a good mascot has to have some connection to the school, or city/state in which the school is located, but not be ridiculous (Horned Frogs, anyone?).  Some good mascots:  Texas Longhorns,  Oklahoma Sooners, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Purdue Boilermakers,  Florida Gators.  The mascot shouldn't be a generic animal:  no bears, lions, panthers, wildcats.  And sorry, but beavers, ducks, trojans, gamecocks, terps are just silly.  And some just make no sense:  Green Wave, Crimson Tide, Cardinal, Blue Devils...what up? 

And finally, I think I am going to watch all LSU games from now on. Or maybe I will just watch the last 2 minutes.  Les Miles has to be the luckiest coach in the universe.  If you didn't see the end of the game against Florida, look it up on the internet.  And if you didn't see the end the game against Tennessee the week before, find that one as well.  Just unbelievable.

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