Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sports Extravapalooza

Round here, people are saying that this is the greatest sports weekend in Dallas-Fort Worth history.  Last night, we had high school football, as usual, but we also had the Stars season opener, which they won.  Today, we have no less than 3 college football games:  Baylor plays Tx Tech at the Cotton Bowl, during the State Fair;  A&M takes on Arkansas at the Death Star; and TCU plays Wyoming in Ft. Worth.  This afternoon, the Rangers go for the sweep in game 3 in their playoff series with Tampa Bay.   For soccer fans, FC Dallas starts its playoff series with Colorado tonight in Frisco and tomorrow the Cowboys wrap-up the weekend with a game here against the Titans.  Wow, sports overload.


  1. There is no such thing as sports overload. Go Ags. Go Rangers. Go Cowboys.

  2. Amen. Oh, I left out SMU against Tulsa, here.

  3. Any chance any of them will win?(except TCU)