Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wade should have b***h slapped that right corner on tv in front of God and everybody

I watched a good bit of the game when I wasn't so mad I turned it off and went to  read economics papers because it was more fun. That jenkins or jennings or jinx  kid is dead as a d-back from now on. Every ref in the league now knows he grabs on to everyone he gets near. I feel sorry for his girlfriend. They need to tape his hands together like a flipper. I haven't seen anyone beaten like that since Walter Mondale. I hope this kid disappears from the scene as fast. Jeez. i always rather liked wade Phillips but he is gone. Cowgirl fans better start a letter campaign to Cowher. He would get them back in jockstraps instead of petticoats. They would all be afraid he might bite them. Kudos to Romo though.  The guy is fun to watch.

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