Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm Too Old Tor This ....

Last week, 6 turnovers.  This week, 19 penalties.  And yet, victory.  JFF and the Aggies continue to elevate the heartrate.  By the way, La Tech's Patton sure is good. 

Now the fun begins.  LSU managed to beat South Carolina on Saturday, which may be a good thing.  Or not.  The Tigers' offense is still iffy, but their defense is stout....big, fast, and physical.  JFF is going to have to protect himself from punishing hits and the O-line will be tested in a new way.  The Aggies can't have the turnovers and the penalties against LSU but they will need some JFF magic.  Good thing that this is a home game.  Gig 'em.

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