Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's that Smell?

The Cowboys stink.

Our receivers are either stupid, undisciplined, or poorly coached.  Probably all 3.

As for the Rangers:  COME ON!  All of our metroplex sports hopes are riding on you.


  1. Rangers - please do this tonight. It is taxing the load limit to contemplate Presidential Debate gaffes and losing the AL West Division all in one night.
    Jerry Jones may need to coach his team himself. We might as well get it behind us all at once. In fact, I recommend that this be the season that he operate as a playing coach. Quick pitch right on two. Run Boss!!!

  2. When in high school in Lufkin, Dez Bryant was by consensus the best football player in Texas. Both A&M and Texas stopped recruiting him because it was thought hopeless to academically qualify him. Yet, he shows up at Okie Lite and eligible. He's a wondrous talent - but I'll bet dyslexic- which means that "play books " are of little utility to him. They should develop computer game visual forms of the playbook. I'm serious about this. The best player athlete on the field doesn't know the plays well enough. Vince Young had the same dilemma- not good for a QB. Bound to be a way to evert the information exchange problem so that the talent can be made operant. On the other hand, better to just place Tony Romo in residential treatment or find a village missing an idiot.