Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sadly, it is time to sit Josh Hamilton. He's been sick again for a while. Craig Gentry gives a better chance to win. Time for the young bats as well- meaning Profar (I may have the name wrong). I'd stick him at 3B and DH Beltre if his injury requires him to continue at DH. Soto? Be serious. Moreland at 1B and Napoli catching. And a citizen off the street at manager. When was it time to pull Dempster? After a 4 pitch walk to the lead off hitter in the 4th inning when he had a 4 run lead. And bring Nathan right then and there. Shut that inning down while we had a 4 run lead. It is now evident- the window has closed on the Rangers as presently formed. 2011 was the team- and with a different manager 2010 was very winnable. Optimistically, if Josh is no longer in the clubhouse, Washington is no longer necessary. Jon Peterson has a gut check rapidly approaching.
By the way, Michael Young might be the right  manager for the 2013 Rangers.

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  1. Ohfor---this morning, sports talk dudes here were saying that something is up with Josh in the locker room....just as you said. Maybe tonight they can pull it together but even if they do, I don't have any hope that they will get beyond the next round. Sad.