Saturday, November 7, 2009

And In Other News

Another undefeated team fell today.  Iowa lost to Northwestern.  Iowa's qb, Stanzi, went out in the first half (I think) and a red-shirt freshman finished the game for the Hawkeyes.  The Tebows play Vandy tonight and should win.  Boise won on Thursday, Bama is playing LSU right now, and TCU plays later today.  So much for the undefeateds.  Oh, did I fail to mention that the UNDEFEATED TEXAS LONGHORNS crushed UCF earlier today?  McCoy to Shipley...a thing of beauty.

In deference to Drumski, I should mention that the Ill-ini won again today, though they lost Juice Williams to an injury. 

And to Meeshigan haters everywhere, Big Blue lost another one.

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