Saturday, November 21, 2009


Aggies 38
Bears 3


  1. sbaskind, you beat me to it, again. I hadn't wanted to jinx the Ags, but now that they have beaten the Bears, I can start speculating on bowl matchups. Both you and Oxey read that perhaps A&M would be matched with Navy in the Texas Bowl. I am all for that.

    Big 12 weirdness continues: The Red Radars deomolished OU, who demolished the Aggies, who demolished the Red Radars.

    Horns face Kansas tonight, which should be a win for the Horns. Dallas Morning News predicted today that Mangino is going to get fired for sure. He sounds like a punk to me.

    And a big YAY to TCU for its win over Wyoming.

  2. Apparently Weiss is gone at Notre Dame and the TCU guy is one person being mentioned. If Lovie Smith gets axed ( less than 50% in my opinion) Mike Sherman should call him immediately. He is a high character guy and a defensive coach. Likely to stay in the pros though.