Sunday, November 22, 2009


Some sports tidbits:

Hakeem Olajuwon's daughter, Abi, is playing basketball at OU.  I would like to see her play.

Texas A&M won the National Guard FLW College Fishing Texas Regional Championship.  Who knew.

On Friday, Highland Park (11-1) meets Waxahachie (12-0) in the regionals.  Go Scots!

Enjoyed watching the Horns yesterday.  It was senior day for UT, last game in Austin and it was really fun to watch McCoy.  He just seemed relaxed, having some real fun.  And here I make a bold prediction:  MCCOY WINS THE HEISMAN.

Today's Dallas Morning News has an article on NFL coaches who possibly are on the chopping block:  Jim Zorn-Washington; Tom Cable-Oakland; Eric Mangini-Cleveland; Wade Phillips-your heroes; and Lovie Smith-Chicago.


  1. Tough choice for the award this year. Two of the best college players ever in McCoy and Tebow both qb's and then the running back for Bama should they beat Florida and he has a great game. But no golden domers thank goodness.

  2. Jimmy Jones should be calling Bill Cowher everyday. Offer him half the giant television.

  3. Rumor being floated here is TCU coach, Gary Patterson, to Notre Dame. I would LOVE it if Cowher came to Dallas, but would he be willing to put up with It's My Actual Hair Jones?

  4. The last 2 Heisman winners from tu ran for a gabillion yards against the Ags in the Thanksgiving game. Remember Dat dangling from Ricky 30 yards later. I bet old Colt has a statement game.

  5. Oh, crap. Way to bring me down, Oxey.

  6. As far as the National fishing championship or whatever I just don't know what to say. Too bad they didn't have that when Oxey was in school!!