Friday, November 20, 2009

The Dallas Dipthongs

The Dallas Mavericks are starting an as-yet-unnamed Development League team, which will play in Frisco, and guess what?  Nancy Lieberman has been named head coach.  I, of course, think this is AWESOME.  If any woman can succeed coaching men, it is Lieberman.  Dell Harris is the general manager and Spud Webb, one of my favorites, is the head of basketball operations (whatever that means). Lieberman makes it clear in the linked article that the only thing that matters here is that the team win.  

I think we should have a naming contest:  how about the Frisco WASPs?  The Mudders?  Or the Taters, in homage to Spud (and Nancy)?   If we want to be p.c., we could call them the Rainbows or maybe we could coin our own word and be the Frisco Diversities?  Or for you pessimists, the Frisco No How No Ways.  (Say that fast...sounds GOOD.  Reminds me of the Hicawee Tribe on F-Troop).  Suggestions welcome. 


  1. Frisco Crisps
    Frisco Kids
    Frisco Crisco Greasers

    a farm team of the Maverick's, how about the Frisco Nonconformists

    i know I will think of something better.

  2. What, the Twat Badgers can't play in Frisco?

  3. I don't think the citizens of Pittsburg would allow the TBs to leave.

  4. I just can't help giggling that once again the term "twat" appears in lsquared's blog.

    At this moment all looks good for aggies. I am holding my breath. I will say no more until the game is final.