Friday, November 27, 2009

This Is What College Football Is About

University of Texas --49, Texas A&M University--39.

Goshdarnit, that was a gut-bustin, rip-snortin, sidewinder of a game. Most points scored ever in this matchup. A kickoff return and a missed field goal popped the Aggies' balloon and sure, I wish the Aggies had won, but even so it was a great game.  I am so, so proud of those guys.  But let's give Texas its due.  The Horns generally and McCoy in particular rose up and showed why Texas is No. 3 in the country.  They made only one error (lost a punt) and didn't lose their cool.  Congrats to sbaskind and all Horns fans.  Take care of the Huskers and you'll be playing for the National Championship.

As for the Ags, they should be confident going into whatever bowl game they draw.  Also, playing well on ESPN on Thanksgiving against the No. 3 team should help recruiting (wishful thinking, much?).  Final word:  Jerrod Johnson played lights out last night.  I hope someone out there saw how good this guy is.

For game stats, which are stunning, go here.


  1. I have never been happy with a loss. Until today. On paper this game should not have been close. Usually when a superior team (tu) plays a weak team, you can attribute a close score to poor play. But tu didn't play badly, the Ags played great (offensively). Congrats to tu, please beat Nebraska. Gig'em Aggies.

  2. I am still exhausted from watching this great game. I love Colt McCoy, but I am not sure he was the best QB on field yesterday -- but both QB's were amazing. I am obviously happy with the result, but this is what college football and classic rivalries are all about (and why college football is my favorite sport). I guess it would have been better if one of the teams had played better defense -- but my sense was that the defenses weren't bad, the offenses were just great. I hope Horn fans will just appreciate what this team has given them in the last 2 years (25 games at 24-1 as of today). No matter what happens from this point on, I am a fully satisfied fan -- anything else is icing on the cake. Congratulations to the Aggies for a great game -- I am already getting nervous about next years' game.

  3. sbaskind--I agree with you about the defenses. If you just look at the stats, you'd think that both defenses stank. But that was not the case. Both defenses played their hearts out and made plays. The offenses were just tough yesterday, with both qbs making plays when it looked like nothing was there. Just unreal play by both McCoy and Johnson.

  4. I have not been able to watch the ags much this year and I have pounded them for poor play just based on score in one case. I have seen Texas and McCoy has been one of my favorite players for a couple of years now. I am pulling for him to win the Heismann. But I had no idea this Johnson kid was this good. What a great game.
    Oh and when McCoy wins the H it will be because of that 60 yard run up the middle an no one gaining on him. That was a big time eyeopener.