Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BCA Championship forecast

Longhorns 34 Bama 21
McCoy  400 yds total offense
Ingraham  2 fumbles


ps. Mac Brown should wear a houndstooth Stetson to the game.
pps. picture is for sbaskind


  1. there is not nearly enough butt in that picture for sbaskind

  2. couldn't find any that he might like in the short time i looked. If they actually win I will find another one.

  3. I find the picture acceptable but the bold prediction of a Longhorn victory is likely wishful thinking. I am adopting the lsquared view of just hoping UT doesn't embarrass itself. It would be nice to see Colt have a great final game.

    PS I thought cheerleaders always posed with their backs to the camera, so this picture was somewhat surprising.

  4. Horrendusly bad luck to lose McCoy so early but a brilliant effort by the team to hang in there with a chance late in the game. Kudos to the Longhorns.