Friday, January 15, 2010


Tim Brown, former Notre Dame (boo hiss) and Oakland Raider wide receiver, was a guest on Randy Galloway's sports talk show today.  He commented that Wade Phillips' defense is vulmerable in the middle; that when the Raiders played Denver, back when Wade coached at Denver, the Raiders were able to exploit that defense; that it is a defense that cannot adjust; and that the Phillips defense forces safeties into coverage, which "is always a bad thing".  I was alarmed.  But then I got to thinking:  this defense isn't new and if no one has "exploited" it yet, then likely no one will.

By the way, does anyone remember the Cotton Bowl game between the Aggies and the Domers when Brown, that year's Heisman winner, pitched a hissy fit when a walk-on 12th man snatched Brown's towel from his britches during a kick-off return?  I was there and it was hilarious!  Didn't like Brown much after that but he turned out to be a good player.  Check out his stats.  The guy had 75 catches 10 years in a row.  According to Brown, he played with 21 different quarterbacks.  Oy.


  1. All Defenses can be exploited over the middle if you don't get pressure on the QB. Wade's Denver D's didn't get as much pressure as the Pokes or Chargers, or Atlanta. The Eagles had their wideouts doubled, and their good tight end and slot still only caught a few passes.
    Got to stop the run, then we can go after Favre.

  2. I would also have chosen to block for our Quarterback but heck, that is just me.