Sunday, January 10, 2010

How Bout Them Cowboys ???


  1. Tremendous but for penalties. I told Oxey today, and I still can't believe that I am saying this, but I think the Cowboys have the best secondary in the NFL. With exception of the Joe Mexico completion and the Jenkins fall, they were everywhere, doing everthing. Really a fun game. Now, let's go kick some Viking booty.

  2. my preseason pick for the nfc rep to the superbowl was the vikings. I hope the pkes kick ass.

  3. Pokes defense is scary good. They stop the run and get after the passer. Even without sacks they move the QB and disrupt timing. Our secondary and even LB's are very good in coverage. Our Offense is difficult to stop. Pressure Offense and Pressure Defense. Good combo. If they cut out penalties, dropped balls, and make no turnovers, they will be near impossible to beat.
    More coolaid please.