Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Lurve College Football

Well, well, well.  USC has hired Lane Kiffin as head coach.  Kiffin left USC only a year ago to become head coach at Tennessee, which went 7-6 this year.  I bet the Vols are NOT happy right now.  So Tennessee is looking for a new coach.  How about Cincinnati...has it hired a new coach yet?  And more news from Lubbock:  new head coach, Tommy Tuberville, has hired an offensive coordinator and is interviewing for the defensive coordinator position.   New OC, Neal Brown, comes from Troy and potential DC, James Willis, from Alabama.  Sounds like the real deal.  Maybe all is not lost at Tech.


  1. Tennesee should hire Leach right now. With the athletes they can recruit they will drive the SEC nuts with that offense. Can you imagine the frenzy at a home Vols game.

  2. I would love to see the Leach offense at a school that has Top 100 talent. Tennessee seems like a good fit since it always has super-talented, giant wide receivers and qbs with mad passing skills.

  3. Not all lost on the coaching front. University may not be able to pay Tuberville if they finally decide to settle with Leach. Folks here are optomistic. Well, as optomistic as you can be in a place like Lubbock. We love the 60 mile an hour wind that blows the farts of the good old boy network to parts south east!