Thursday, September 30, 2010

nice halftime adjustments

didn,t see any of and I am not consoled by if it was exciting

Texas A&M Aggies 35 - Oklahoma State Cowboys 38

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Sep 301234T
Texas A&M14701435

Oklahoma State07211038

But at least we must have looked better than the hairdressing team that suited up for UT last week.


  1. First half defense: really good except one foul-up in the secondary that cost a t.d. 3rd quarter, they ate us up. At that point, I had to leave the room. 4th quarter: comeback...awesome...more turnovers...not so awesome.

  2. Must this team impale it's fan base every time? Finally a TV game- and there is a QB playing with an injured shoulder. He cannot make the deep throws that formerly were easy for him and the zip is gone from his throws to the sideline. Ironically, Sherman called probably his best game- but Tannehill just missed having three weak opponents to prepare him for all that follows - including last night. So did Sherman lack the gumption to not play JJ until/unless recovered? Damn A&M varsity football makes me blooming jackrabbit crazy. C'mon Stoops. Deliver me from evil.