Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BTHOO Alabama!

In 1968, my dad took me to the Cotton Bowl to see A&M play Alabama.  Gene Stallings, a Bama alum coached by Bear Bryant, was coaching A&M and Bryant, whom I detested, was with Bama.  Kenny Stabler was Bama's QB and, of course, went on to have a tremendous career in the pros.

Here is a little clip from that game.  The Tide was 8-1-1 coming into the game, the Aggies 6-4.  Edd Hargett QB'd the Aggies and was the MVP.  Ags won, 20-16.

I remember little about the game other than the fact that we weren't expected to win but did, and that at the end of the game, Bryant embraced Stallings at midfield.  Most importantly, I remember being there with my dad.  That was a good, good day.


  1. I never new you went to that game. The Aggies most famous game in a bad era. Dad took me to the Cottonbowl to see Detroit be the Cowboys something like 5-2. Mostly I remember how awful we played and the crowd chanting the name of the 3rd string QB. Landry eventually put him in. That QB was of course... Bob Beldon.

    1. Who the heck is Bob Beldon? I absolutely do NOT remember him.