Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Coach of the Year

I have heard nothing on this topic up here in the frozen north. But what will happen here is the Notre Dame coach will get all the votes if they finish undefeated and number one in the nation. But I believe there is absolutely no contest on the true Coach of Year in major college football. 
First year in the job, first year in the toughest conference in football, with a freshman QB (granted a pretty good one), can anyone claim a better job than Sumlin?  No, no way. Coach of the year all the way and to those who disagree -- I fart in your general direction.


  1. I agree about Sumlin. Eat some eggs before attending Kelly's Coach of the Year press conference.

  2. Sumlin should win but won't. Stinking domers.

  3. I should also mention the Coach at Penn State who probably cannot w2in it but certainly has done a phenomenal job.